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Asphalt Mixing Industry

Asphalt Industry Overview
A hot mix asphalt plant produces asphalt paving mix, which may include natural sand, crushed limestone, slag, gravel, oyster shells, decomposed granite, crushed rock, hydrated lime, Portland cement, or other non-plastic mineral matter (collectively called aggregates), depending on the specific grade requirement. After mixing, the hot paving mixture is loaded into trucks, and transported to the paving site for construction. Transportation costs are an important cost factor, and for this reason, the industry is composed of a large number of asphalt plants located close to points of utilization. It is estimated that there are more than 3,500 hot mix asphalt plants in the United States alone. 
Hot mix asphalt plants are normally located within city limits or in highly urbanized areas, and the associated dust problems are of concern to authorities, the general public, and plant operators. Air pollution control ordinances are now being adopted worldwide, many with specific regulations aimed at this particular operation, and no new plant is installed today without specific provisions for dust emission control. In addition, the growing demand for asphalt paving mixture materials means that more than average effort has to be expended in controlling dust emissions.

AoKai Asphalt Industry Product Line

Aokai baghouse filter bag products that are most commonly used in the Asphalt Industry:
  Characteristics   Rating   Rating   Rating
  Product   HPE245N   PRO845N   PRO445N
  Fiber Content   Aramid Blend   Aramid Blend   Aramid Blend
  Weight   475g/m² (14oz/yd²)   450g/m² (13.27oz/yd²)   450g/m² (13.27oz/yd²)
  Thickness   2.20mm (0.086in)   2.20mm (0.086in)   2.20mm (0.086in)
  Continuous Operating Temperature   204°C (400°F)   204°C (400°F)   180°C (356°F)
  Maximum Surge Temperature   250°C (482°F)   250°C (482°F)   220°C (428°F)
  Emission   10mg/Nm³   20mg/Nm³   20mg/Nm³
  Abrasion Resistance   Good   Good   Good
  Acid Resistance   Good   Good   Good
  Alkali Resistance   Good   Good   Good
  Moist Heat Resistant   Good   Good   Good
  Energy Absorbsion   Good   Good   Good
  Filtration Property   99.99%   99.99%   99.99%

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