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Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable Energy Industry Overview

Lithium batteries are increasingly becoming the power source of automotives, and the common power storage media for vast commercial and household applications. It is now the integral part of modern society’s move toward a lower carbon economic model. It is estimated that the global lithium mining market is projected to grow at least 6% for the next several years, and the lithium-ion battery market will grow at a CAGR of 30% through 2030.

At many points of raw material processing, and battery manufacturing, particularly the milling & grinding of lithium raw material processing, and electrode production of battery manufacturing, fine and combustible dust is generated, posing significant safety and health risks. Specific regulations require lithium facilities to rigorously test and control dust emissions.

Aokai Renewable Energy Industry Product Line

Aokai baghouse filter bag products that are most commonly used in the Renewable Energy Industry:
  Characteristics   Rating   Rating   Rating
  Product   PT175M   PT180M   PT380
  Fiber Content   100% PTFE   100% PTFE   PTFE Blen Fiberglass
  Weight   750g/m² (22.12oz/yd²)   800g/m² (23.60oz/yd²)   800g/m² (23.60oz/yd²)
  Thickness   1.0mm (0.039in)   1.2mm (0.047in)   1.6mm (0.063in)
  Continuous Operating Temperature   240°C (464°F)   240°C (464°F)   240°C (464°F)
  Maximum Surge Temperature   260°C (500°F)   260°C (500°F)   260°C (500°F)
  Emission   10mg/Nm³   10mg/Nm³   10mg/Nm³
  Abrasion Resistance   Good   Good   Excellent
  Acid Resistance   Excellent   Excellent   Good
  Alkali Resistance   Excellent   Excellent   Excellent
  Moist Heat Resistant   Excellent   Excellent   Excellent
  Energy Absorbsion   Excellent   Excellent   Excellent
  Filtration Property   99.99%   99.99%   99.99%

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