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  • Which is High temperature filter bags 

    High temperature filter bags, generally refers to the filter bag can be used at more than 200℃.High temperature filter bags are divided into two categories: needling felt and fiberglass cloth: needling felt and heat-resistant filter bags, which are also divided into fiberglass needling felt, fluomet

  • How to slow down the aging time of dust filter bag

    At present, dust bag manufacturers are prone to a lot of situations. Therefore, it is necessary to check in time before use. Only in this way can we directly find the problems in the dust bag manufacturer, and only after finding these problems can we solve them directly.When we use dust bags, we wil

  • Causes of excessive dust emission caused by dust filter bags

    Environmental protection bag dust removalExcessive dust emissionThe basic reasons for the excessive dust emission: 1. The initial layer on the surface of the filter bag is not enough; 2. The filter bag is damaged; 3. The filter bag is poorly assembled; they are described as follows:1. The initial la

  • Solutions for air dust filter bag wear, burnout and corrosion

    Damaged filter bag(Wear, Burn, Corrosion) The use of filter bags accounts for the largest maintenance cost of the dust collector, up to more than 70% of the maintenance cost. The basic conditions are wear, burn, corrosion, etc. The solution can be in the following ways:(1) WearExcessive filtering ai

  • Dust filter bag and bag cage installation

    1 Necessary conditions for the installation of the bag filter cage1.1 Due to long-distance transportation and multiple loading and unloading, the bag cage should be checked for defects such as de-soldering, bending deformation, and silicone spraying peeling before installation. The bag cage with the

  • 7 Steps to the Correct Selection of Dust Collector Filter Bags

    7 steps to choose a dust collector suitable for your working conditions:The first step: master the dust removal conditions and determine the physical and chemical properties of the smoke and dustFirst of all, it is necessary to understand the composition of the dust-containing gas, as well as the te

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