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  • Which is High temperature filter bags 

    High temperature filter bags, generally refers to the filter bag can be used at more than 200℃.High temperature filter bags are divided into two categories: needling felt and fiberglass cloth: needling felt and heat-resistant filter bags, which are also divided into fiberglass needling felt, fluomet

  • The main reason of dust filter bag damage

    First, filter the wind speedThe high filter wind speed of the bag dust collector is the main reason for the damage of the bag. In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment, increase profits, in the design of bag dust collector, the filter wind speed is increased, the user has no

  • Antioxidant protection measures of PPS filter bag

    Antioxidant protection measures of PPS filter bag1. Establish and maintain protective layerFlue gas isolation is an effective measure of direct contact with dust bag.(1) Dust protection layer: The filtration of dusty gas mainly depends on the dust layer, and the initial dust layer plays an important

  • Cause of dust bag filter explosion of precipitator

    1. The difference between dust explosion and combustion. The combustion of large pieces of solid fuel is pushed inward by nearly parallel layers, such as the combustion of coal. The release of this burning energy is slow. The resulting heat and gases can escape quickly. Heap combustion of combustibl

  • Filter bag installation precautions

    1) New process and old cloth bags should not be mixed to avoid different damage time affecting the normal work of dust removal equipment.2) Aging of cloth bags. If it is mainly caused by the following reasons, it is necessary to conduct cause investigation, take elimination measures and replace the

  • How to avoid clogging the dust filter bag

    What are the reasons for the clogging of dust bag?Dust bag is a very important part of the dust collector, because it has the characteristics of dust removal, so it is favored by industrial production, but sometimes the dust bag has the phenomenon of aging, causing this phenomenon is not a problem o

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