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  • Which is High temperature filter bags 

    High temperature filter bags, generally refers to the filter bag can be used at more than 200℃.High temperature filter bags are divided into two categories: needling felt and fiberglass cloth: needling felt and heat-resistant filter bags, which are also divided into fiberglass needling felt, fluomet

  • Maintenance of dust filter bags

    As the heart of the bag filter, its daily maintenance and maintenance is very important to prolong the life of the bag filter. Due to the initial layer, damage or improper assembly of the dust bag, the dust emission will exceed the standard. Therefore, when we do daily maintenance, we need to pay at

  • Measures to be taken by the dust filter bag in the case of high temperature and high humidity dust

    What should be done and what measures should be taken by the dust filter bag when dealing with high-temperature and high-humidity dust has always been a matter of continuous research and improvement by environmental protection manufacturers. Skill. The high temperature and high humidity dust we enco

  • How to distinguish the membrane filter bags

    Ordinary dust removal bags are made of needle-punched felt, woven cloth, cotton and linen fibers, etc. Due to the large gap of the filter material itself at the initial stage of use, part of the smaller dust will directly pass through the gap and be discharged through the exhaust port. When collecti

  • How to cool down your baghouse dust bag filter?

    1. The medium of the bag filter gas to cool the high temperature flue gas can be air or water with a low temperature, and some cool air and water cooling can occur. Whether it is cold air or water cooling, it can be directly cooled or indirectly cooled. These are the cold air that can assist the flu

  • Requirements for storing polyester filter bags

    What are the requirements for installing and storing polyester filter bags?1. When storing the polyester filter bag, pay attention to prevent direct sunlight from dust, dust, sunlight, etc. to avoid deformation and extrusion.2. The installation environment requires that the on-site lighting can prev

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