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  • Which is High temperature filter bags 

    High temperature filter bags, generally refers to the filter bag can be used at more than 200℃.High temperature filter bags are divided into two categories: needling felt and fiberglass cloth: needling felt and heat-resistant filter bags, which are also divided into fiberglass needling felt, fluomet

  • Measures to reduce the resistance of air dust bag filter

    1. Reasonably determine the filter wind speedThe resistance of the bag filter depends to a large extent on the filtering wind speed. The resistance of the dust collector structure, cleaning filter bag and dust layer all increase with the increase of the filtering wind speed. No matter what kind of f

  • Advantages of membrane air dust filter bags

    What are the advantages of various dust removal bags in use?The film coating process is based on ordinary filter material, and the surface is covered with a special film that makes the filtration more precise, so that the dust removal efficiency of the dust bag is higher and the service life is long

  • The solution to the condensation of the pulse dust bag filter

    1. Reduce the air leakage phenomenon of the dust collector(1) During the production and installation of the dust collector, the welding standard of JC/T532 should be strictly implemented to prevent the phenomenon of less welding and missing welding of the dust collector.(2) The discharge port of the

  • Causes of condensation in pulse dust bag filter

    1. There is air leakage in the dust collectorDue to the phenomenon of air leakage in the dust collector, a large amount of cold air from the outside is sucked into the dust collector, so that the local air temperature of the dust collector drops sharply, and the water in the air is analyzed, resulti

  • How to reduce the moisture content of flue gas in dust bag filter

    he moisture content in the dusty flue gas is an important factor affecting the resistance of the bag filter. The increase in relative humidity of dusty flue gas will increase the resistance of the dust bag. The adhesion between the dust and the surface of the dust bag is affected by the relative hum

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