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Application of PTFE Dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-05      Origin: Site


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Polytetrafluoroethylene is named in English as Polytetrafluoroethylene (abbreviated as Teflon or PTFE), which is mainly called PTFE in China at present. It is made of tetrafluoroethylene by polymerization of polymer compounds, has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, is one of the corrosion resistance of today's materials, in addition to molten alkali metal, chlorine trifluoride, chlorine pentafluoride and liquid fluorine, can withstand all other chemicals, even in the king water boiling also does not change, widely used in a variety of acid and alkali resistance and organic solvents occasions. It has sealing, high lubrication, non-viscosity, electrical insulation and good aging resistance, excellent temperature resistance (can work at +250℃ to -180℃ for a long time).

Next talk about the specific application of PTFE in dust removal

1. Needled felt made of PTFE fiber

PTFE fiber needled felt filter material has good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance and bending resistance and other properties, and the material is smooth, hydrophobic, dust can not adhere to the surface of the filter material, widely used in high temperature, high humidity, high viscosity dust industry or with acid and alkali, corrosive chemical gas industrial dust purification. With the development of environmental protection in China, polytetrafluoroethylene fiber composite needled felt filter material in high temperature flue gas filtration industry has a very important use, has a broad application prospect, can be mainly used in the following aspects.

(1) Waste incinerators purify flue gas with high humidity and high temperature, high water content, strong chemical corrosion and high viscous dust. In particular, the treatment of waste medical supplies and household garbage can solve the problems of burning bags at high temperature, paste bags with high viscosity dust, corrosion of cloth bags by chemical gases.

(2) Power plant boilers burning high-sulfur coal with acid, alkali, corrosive chemical gas purification of industrial soot; It has the advantages of non-stick bag, easy cleaning, low operating resistance and long service life.

(3) Gas purification of blast furnace gas in iron and steel smelters. It can mainly solve the problems of pasting bags under high temperature, high humidity, dew point and high temperature sulfur containing chemical gas corrosion of cloth bags.

(4) Solve the paste bag caused by high temperature and high viscosity dust in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, high operating resistance of equipment, early embrittlement damage of filter material and other problems.

(5) Gas purification of coking furnace and carbon black. It can solve the difficulty of cleaning ash caused by high temperature and high viscosity dust, and the dew-point oxidation reaction after furnace stop makes the filter material early embrittlement and other problems.

2. The application of PTFE in the coating of filter material

The surface of PTFE film is smooth and resistant to chemical substances, and it is covered to the surface of ordinary filter material, which plays the role of disposable dust layer, and all the dust is intercepted on the surface of the film to achieve surface filtration. With the traditional filter material incomparable superiority. The coated filter material has the characteristics of high peeling strength, large breathable amount, small resistance, concentrated and uniform aperture distribution, as a dust bag or pleated dust filter cylinder, installed in the dust removal equipment, will quickly and effectively intercept ultrafine dust to micron calculation, dust removal efficiency of more than 99.99%, It is an effective and economical new filter material for industrial dust filtration and material recovery. With other pure high performance fiber (PPS, glass fiber, P84, arylon) filter material difference is: with the passage of time, PTFE will not aging, along with the joint action of high temperature gas, corrosive gas, liquid, PTFE fabric breaking strength will not decay, in the service life has been greatly improved.

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