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Application of PTFE dust filter bag

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PTFE dust filter bag is made of polytetrafluoroethylene fiber as raw material, through acupuncture, high temperature setting, impregnation and coating, cutting and other processes. Because of its excellent hydrolysis resistance, alkali resistance, organic acid resistance, mineral acid resistance, oxidation resistance and other characteristics, PTFE dust removal filter bag is widely used in the field of waste incineration, coal power plant field, cement industry field, laboratory purification field.

1. Waste incineration field

Waste incineration is one of the most important applications of pure PTFE coated filter bags. The waste incineration process inevitably produces a large number of pollutants, which have the following characteristics: (1) there are particulate matter, acid gas, heavy metal and organic highly toxic pollutants in the flue gas; ② The flue gas has high moisture content, high dew point temperature and easy dew formation in the filter; (3) High and low temperature smoke interaction exists; (4) The dust produced by deacidification treatment is easy to absorb moisture, which leads to the difficulty of dust removal and pipeline blockage; ⑤ The smoke is highly corrosive. The needled felt filter material with PTFE as the base cloth and PTFE fiber as the surface layer is coated by PTFE microporous membrane in the filter bag, which can achieve good results in the flue gas purification of waste incineration power plant.

2. Coal-fired power plants

Coal-fired power plants are common in China, and the coal combustion process will produce a lot of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and inhalable particulate matter. Because of the excellent properties of PTFE, bag dust collector made of high temperature resistant fiber needled felt composite filter material such as PTFE and PPS fiber can greatly reduce the emission of dust in power plant. In addition, PTFE and PPS composite filter is an effective filter for soot emission control in power industry.

3. Cement industry

Along with energy saving emission reduction requirements more and more strict, the traditional dust removal in cement industry can not meet the new emission standards. In the cement production process, the bag dust collector made of the traditional needled felt compound PTFE membrane filter material can reduce the emission of air pollutants and recycle the cement powder, which can increase the output, reduce the cost and save energy.

4. Laboratory purification field

In the biological, food, medicine, medical industry on the air cleanliness level is higher in the clean room field, PTFE coated filter material filter has good stability, corrosion resistance, the same resistance under the condition of large flow characteristics, can meet the requirements of high efficiency air filtration, will play a greater application value and economic and technical potential in these industries.

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