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High Temperature Dust Filter Bags

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High temperature dust filter bag is a kind of dust removal filter bag used in high temperature environment, its material and process have high temperature resistance performance, can be used at high temperature for a long time without damage. This kind of filter bag is usually used in metallurgy, oil refining, chemical and other high temperature industrial fields.

High temperature dust filter bag material usually uses special high temperature resistant fiber, such as P84, PPS, PTFE, glass fiber, these materials have excellent high temperature resistance, can withstand the harsh conditions under high temperature environment. Moreover, these materials also have good chemical corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so that the filter bag life is longer.

In terms of production technology, high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag is usually manufactured by needling nonwoven process, which can make the filter bag have good filtering performance and anti-bending performance. The size and shape of the filter bag can be designed according to different equipment requirements. In addition, in order to further improve the filtration efficiency of the high-temperature resistant filter bag, the surface of the filter bag is usually covered with a layer of PTFE film, which can increase the smoothness of the filter bag surface and reduce the adhesion of dust on the filter bag surface.

The application range of High temperature dust filter bag is very wide, can be used in all kinds of high temperature dust removal equipment, such as power plant boiler, iron and steel smelting furnace, petrochemical reactor, cement kiln and so on. The operating temperature of these devices is usually very high, and it is necessary to use filter bags that can withstand high temperature for dust removal and filtration. The use of high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag can effectively reduce dust emissions, protect the environment, but also can reduce production costs, improve the efficiency of equipment operation.

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