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The use and precautions of dust filter bag

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Filter bag dust collector is a kind of common air purification equipment, which is mainly composed of dust box and filter bag. Among them, the filter bag is the key part of the filtration function, so the correct use and maintenance of the filter bag, can extend the service life of the filter  bag dust collector, improve the dust removal effect. This paper will introduce in detail the use of cloth bag dust collector and matters needing attention.

First, the classification of dust bag

According to the different filter material, dust bag can be divided into the following categories: synthetic fiber dust bag, glass fiber dust bag, steel wire skeleton dust bag, etc. Among them, synthetic fiber dust bag is the most commonly used one, has excellent filtration efficiency and low resistance, and is suitable for dust filtration under various conditions.

Two, the use of dust filter bag

Filter bag installation: The installation of the filter bag shall comply with the requirements of the design drawings and instructions, and pay attention to the sealing and fixing firmly.

Check before starting: Check before starting, including whether the filter bag is damaged, whether the compressed air is normal, whether the fan is tightly connected, whether the switch control circuit is normal, etc.

Note in operation: During operation, the condition and resistance change of the filter bag should be constantly checked, and the filter bag should be cleaned in time. If some filter bags are found damaged or blocked, replace or clean them in time.

Three, cloth dust filter bag maintenance

Regular cleaning: The filter bag of the bag dust collector needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure its filtering performance. Cleaning shall be carried out with special tools. It is forbidden to scrape the surface of the filter bag with hard objects.

Pay attention to maintenance: in the daily use process, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the filter bag to avoid the damage or failure of the filter bag due to dust accumulation.

Maintenance after shutdown: the fan should be closed immediately after shutdown to avoid air entering the filter bag. Before opening the repair door, the residual dust should be deposited for a period of time to avoid injury to the operator.

Four, cloth dust filter bag replacement

The life of the filter bag can be affected by many factors, such as the operating environment, dust characteristics, operation mode, etc. When the filter bag life reaches the design life  .

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