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  • The use and precautions of dust filter bag
    Filter bag dust collector is a kind of common air purification equipment, which is mainly composed of dust box and filter bag. Among them, the filter bag is the key part of the filtration function, so the correct use and maintenance of the filter bag, can extend the service life of the cloth bag dus
  • What causes chemical corrosion of dust filter bags
    As the heart of the bag filter, the filter bag plays a decisive role in the use effect of the bag filter. In particular, the high temperature filter bag occupies a large proportion of value in the whole dust collector. Protecting the filter bag well can prevent the damage of the filter bag due to va
  • What are the materials of the dust filter bag?
    1, Dust Filter bag operation principle:When the dust gas passes through the dust collector, the dust is captured and collected in the outer appearance of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters the filter bag through the filter material. The cage frame inside the filter bag is used to support the f
  • The main faults of dust filter bags and the ways to avoid them
    First, burning: the reason for the burning of the dust collector cloth bag is mainly that the initial layer thickness of the dust bag surface is not enough, and the temperature of the flue gas is too high. If the dust collector long-term treatment of the flue gas temperature exceeds the working cond
  • Dust filter bag production attention
    The bag length is too long will cause the lower part of the filter bag wear, especially the bag bottom up within 100㎜, mainly dust bag length more than the bag cage length of more than 30㎜, the filter bag in the filter shrinkage is too large, the filter bag bottom up 100㎜, and the bottom of the bag
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