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The main faults of dust filter bags and the ways to avoid them

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First, burning: the reason for the burning of the dust collector cloth bag is mainly that the initial layer thickness of the dust bag surface is not enough, and the temperature of the flue gas is too high. If the dust collector long-term treatment of the flue gas temperature exceeds the working conditions of the bag, easy to make the dust bag hardening shrinkage or melting holes. If the initial layer thickness is not enough, the Mars flow into the flue gas, or the dust fever, may also make the dust bag burn holes. Cause dust bag burn mainly reflected in the new replacement of dust bag on the line. Because the online replacement is not precoated, high temperature flue gas carrying Mars directly contact the bag, easy to make the dust bag burned.

Two, wear and tear: wear dust bag mainly occurs in the middle part of the dust collector, in a single dust bag mainly occurs in the bag from the outlet within 1 meters. The main reason is uneven distribution of flue gas, in the middle of a single room, the flow rate is too high, in a single dust bag on the exit of the filter gas speed is too high, resulting in dust impact, wear bag, also make the dust bag fabric fiber tension damage, easy to local bag perforation, the service cycle is too short. It is recommended to add a protective layer in the wear position or replace the dust bag with a more wear resistant bag for the dust bag at the worn part.

Three, the distance between dust bags is too small, skeleton bending and so on easy to cause wear and tear between bags. The clearance between the bag and the skeleton in the diameter direction is too small, and the ash cleaning effect is not good, which will reduce the ash cleaning cycle and improve the pressure of the air. Too large when the friction between the bag and the skeleton will increase, so it will accelerate the wear of the bag. Special attention should be paid to some press cloths which vary greatly with temperature and elongate.

Four, skeleton welding with holes or burrs, or due to corrosion of the rough surface, will also accelerate the wear of the bag. Cloth bag and flower plate hole seal is not strict, will cause cloth bag top deconvolution wear.

Five, Vinners tube or pulse tube relative to the bag alignment is not correct, easy to make the spray pipe spray airflow directly scour the upper section of the bag wear. Cloth bag dust too often, will accelerate the wear of cloth bag.

Six, too high filter gas speed, will make the initial dust layer broken, and dust impact cloth bag and cause excessive wear, if the bag cleaning times is too high, easy to cause the fabric of the bag loose, accelerate the wear of the bag. The dust content in the flue gas exceeds the design standard, it will also accelerate the wear of the cloth bag. Small ash bucket ash accumulation is too much, resulting in too much dust in the flue gas chamber, will also accelerate the wear of the bag.

Seven, reduce wear measures: dust bag in the production process, the weak parts of the dust bag thickening; In the process of installation, the cloth bag with too small distance and bent skeleton should be adjusted and replaced; Dust bag and skeleton in the diameter direction to fit, and skeleton length should be slightly less than the length of the bag; The skeleton should be strictly checked before use, and the broken skeleton is strictly prohibited to use; Dust bag and flower hole plate seal should be checked tight leakage, if necessary, you can use phosphor to check the leakage point; The Venn tube is correctly aligned with the pulse tube. In the process of operation, to prevent the filtration speed is too high, the bag cleaning cycle is too short, the pressure of the compressed air is too high. When setting the pulse dusting cycle of the dust collector, it is better to ensure that the dust collector works under stable pressure and set the longest pulse dusting cycle. Pulse cleaning time to ensure that the initial dust does not fall off, set the minimum cleaning time is better; If the initial dust layer is insufficient, it can be compensated by extending the dust cleaning period. If the pressure difference control is used, the stability of the inlet and outlet pressure setting of the dust collector can be improved.

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