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  • How to clean oily dust filter bag

    1. When washing the dust filter bag, the first step is to clean the dust. Use high-frequency triggering to remove the larger dust particles entering the wall of the dust filter bag. The strength should be controlled so that the fiber entanglement fastness cannot be produced. The limitation of the in

  • Reasons for serious noise and vibration of bag filter in operation

    1. The bolts of the exhaust hood of the bag filter are loose and cause vibration.2. Poor pipe support of bag filter; poor hose material causes resonance; pipe resonance;3. Insufficient strength causes vibration; the body of the bag filter will resonate at the same frequency as the airflow vibration;

  • Dust filter bag protection measures

    1. Exhaust the high temperature gas from the dust removal box and introduce the outside air to keep the temperature in balance with the outside. The moisture condensation in the filter bag room is caused by the water vapor in the dusty flue gas and the gas generated by combustion. Therefore, the wet

  • Maintenance process of dust filter bag

    Working principle of dust bagThe dust bag has only one control room. If the back-blowing method is used to clean the dust, the dust removal effect will be worse during back-blowing. The large bag filter has multiple filter control rooms, which are controlled by the program, so that each control room

  • Three elements of dust collector filter bags selection

    Three elements of dust collector filter bags selection

  • Which gases will cause corrosion of dust filter bags ?

    1. Strong oxidant: For example, when the PPS dust bag is working at 160℃, when the oxygen content exceeds the standard (>12%), a large amount of oxygen can attack the S bond in the PPS molecule and bind with it. The result of the reaction is: PPS fiber becomes dark and brittle, and its strength decr

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