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Failure cause of dust filter bag

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Due to the large amount of water in the working environment of the filter bag, it is bonded with dust on the surface of the filter bag, and the micropores on the surface of the filter bag are blocked, which leads to high operating resistance of the equipment and the filter bag loses its filtering performance. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. There is air leakage in the dust collector

Due to the air leakage phenomenon of the dust collector, a large number of cold air from the outside is sucked into the dust collector, so that the local air temperature of the dust collector drops sharply, and the water in the air is precipitated, resulting in condensation phenomenon.

2. The moisture content in the flue gas is too high

When the moisture content of the treated flue gas is too high, the supersaturated water is precipitated, resulting in condensation phenomenon. This phenomenon is especially prominent on the kiln tail dust collector of cement dry normal line. Because the flue gas of cement dry normal line kiln tail is generally cooled and conditioned by humidification tower, condensation will occur when the water sprayed is too large and the water in the flue gas is suoversaturated.

3, smoke temperature is too low

When the temperature of the flue gas treated by precipitator is close to or lower than the dew point temperature, condensation will also occur.

4, water into the dust collector

As a result of the "four pipe burst" phenomenon, resulting in water into the dust collector, resulting in the bag surface condensation, paste bag phenomenon.

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