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  • How to choose dust filter bag for cement plant?

    Because the long-term operating temperature of polyester cloth bags under air drying conditions should be less than 120℃, and in flue gas with higher moisture, its long-term working temperature can only be reduced to 60~100℃; Metas cloth bags are temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant The perf

  • Maintenance and overhaul of dust bag filter

    Maintenance of bag filter   1. When the bag filter is under maintenance, first cut off the power supply. The operator must carry the key of the operation panel and hang a sign "under maintenance, no operation" on the operation panel.2. The transmission devices such as rapping device, star unloader,

  • Differnt influence of flue gas on air dust filter bag

    (1) The flue gas temperature is high. The pulse dust collector adopts off-line pulse dust removal technology, which overcomes the problems of reverse blowing and ordinary pulse dust removal. It has strong dust removal ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leaka

  • Reasons for the failure of dust collector filter bag

    design   A common problem with the design of the bag filter is that the design size of the bag filter is too small to meet its intended use. If the size of the dust chamber is too small, it may cause too much air to pass through the filter. Imagine a handheld vacuum cleaner trying to remove a lot of

  • Dust filter bag matters needing attention

    Bag type dust collector①The filter cloth should not be hung too loosely or tightly. Too loose and easy to accumulate dust, and too tight to be easily damaged.②The old and new filter bags should not be mixed to avoid the different damage time from affecting the normal operation of the equipment. The

  • Common problems of dust filter bag wear

    The dust filter bag is the core component of the bag filter, which plays a decisive role in the use effect of the bag filter. The dust filter bag accounts for a large proportion of the value of the bag filter, and its damage will directly affect the dust removal efficient. The air volume, dust conce

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