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Dust Filter Bag

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  • Comparison of high temperature and mechanical damage for filter bags

    1. Causes and phenomena of high temperature damage to the dust filter bag.Open flame sparks. Reason: There is sparks in the smoke, causing small holes to burn. Phenomenon: There are small holes on the dust bag.High temperature flue gas. Reason: The temperature of the working condition of the cloth b

  • How to clean oily dust filter bag

    1. When washing the dust filter bag, the first step is to clean the dust. Use high-frequency triggering to remove the larger dust particles entering the wall of the dust filter bag. The strength should be controlled so that the fiber entanglement fastness cannot be produced. The limitation of the in

  • Maintenance process of dust filter bag

    Working principle of dust bagThe dust bag has only one control room. If the back-blowing method is used to clean the dust, the dust removal effect will be worse during back-blowing. The large bag filter has multiple filter control rooms, which are controlled by the program, so that each control room

  • Reasons for the low efficiency of dust filter bag

    1. The nature of dust.The dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is directly related to the size, weight, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of the dust particles. The dust removal efficiency is higher for dust with larger particles, heavier dust, irregular shapes and obvious elec

  • How to protect high temperature dust filter bag

    1. The spray is directly cooled. Using a nozzle, the water is sprayed into a mist and sprayed into the high-temperature flue gas. The evaporation of the mist will absorb a lot of heat, so that the flue gas can be cooled. The advantage of this method is that the flue gas will be cooled quickly, and t

  • The installation of dust collector filter bag

    1. The dust collector cloth bag installation staff should dress well, and do not bring tobacco, matchsticks, lighters, keys, fruit knives and other items to prevent falling into the dust cloth bag. Do not wear nails or hard uppers. The shoes are installed. The staff who install the dust-removing bag

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