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  • Dust filter bag resistant to temperature
    Dust collector bag can be divided into three kinds according to the temperature resistance, normal temperature dust collector bag, middle temperature dust collector bag, high temperature dust collector bag, environmental protection summary of each filter material characteristics.1. Cloth bag of norm
  • The use and precautions of dust filter bag
    Filter bag dust collector is a kind of common air purification equipment, which is mainly composed of dust box and filter bag. Among them, the filter bag is the key part of the filtration function, so the correct use and maintenance of the filter bag, can extend the service life of the cloth bag dus
  • Maintenance of normal temperature dust filter bag
    Selection and maintenance of normal temperature dust filter bagIn order to better play the role of normal temperature dust filter bag, appropriate filter materials should be selected, and the daily maintenance of equipment should be strengthened.First of all, the selection of filter materials. Suita
  • Dust Filter bag replacement cycle and method
    Dust bag is a very important part of dust removal equipment, which is used to filter particles in the air and keep the environment clean. At the same time, due to the different use time, the dust bag will gradually wear and age, which affects its filtering effect and needs to be replaced. So, how lo
  • Dust analysis of biomass boiler dust filter bag
    Biomass boiler has a more complex fuel structure than coal-fired boiler, we will encounter a variety of problems when solving biomass boiler dust, according to Xinye Environmental Protection years of dust removal experience, for biomass boiler dust difficulties analysis, and design biomass boiler du
  • What factors affect the length of high temperature dust filter bag
    Direct influencing factors of dust collector bag selection:1. The cleaning pulse energy and the arrangement of the pulse valve directly affect the diameter of the cloth bag. The diameter of the usual pulse industrial dust collector is 120mm~152mm.2. The size of the dust bag must be related to the si
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