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  • The Reason of damage to the air dust filter bag

    1. Incineration: If the dust bag is kept in the flue gas for a long time and exceeds the normal operating temperature of the bag, it is easy to harden and shrink the dust bag, or melt and cause holes. The thickness of the initial layer of the dust bag manufacturer is not enough, the sparks brought b

  • Reasons for the aging of the dust filter bag

    1. The dust bag is blocked.After the blockage occurs, the resistance will increase, and the cleaning interval will be shortened. These factors will accelerate the aging of the dust removal bag. For the aging problem of dust removal bags, we generally take the following 4 measures:(1) New technology

  • Damage problem of high temperature dust filter bag

    1. Wear: The wear of the high-temperature dust bag mainly occurs in the middle part of the dust collector. On a single high-temperature dust bag, it mainly occurs within 1 meter of the cloth bag from the outlet. The main reason is the uneven distribution of flue gas, the high flow rate in the middle

  • The role of the dust layer on the surface of the dust filter bag

    The dust layer of the dust bag plays a very important role in the actual dust removal process. The dust layer on the surface of the filter cloth is composed of dust particles of different sizes and has various structural and void properties. Under normal circumstances, it affects the dust removal ef

  • How to deal with soot with sparks in dust bag filter

    When the bag filter is used to deal with smoke and dust with sparks such as sawdust boilers, rice husk boilers, aluminum regeneration furnaces and smelting furnaces, the burned dust in the furnace may enter the box with the airflow of the air duct, causing the dust accumulated on the dust removal ba

  • How to store air dust filter bag

    1. Do not place it in direct sunlight, rain and dusty places.2. Do not store in a place with high ambient temperature and humidity.3. The use period of the multi-functional dust removal bag is within 6 months, and the date of the batch number of the outer box shall prevail. Generally, the validity p

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