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The function and principle analysis of dust filter bags

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1. Attention should be paid to prevent deformation in the lifting of pulse bag dust collector. When the equipment leaves the factory, the key components are welded with lifting lugs, which should be used for lifting.

2. After installation of pulse bag type dust collector box, bag room, inlet and outlet tuyere, ash hopper, etc., all connections should be sealed and air tight. If welding is required, air tight welding should be implemented. For local air leakage, the application of silicone or epoxy resin for plugging rain. The sealing quality of cloth bag dust collector is an important factor affecting the normal operation and service life. The air leakage rate of air box pulse bag dust collector is less than 3%.

3. When assembling the gas route part, the main gas pipe has been made in the factory. As long as it is assembled on site, the control gas pipe (connected with the lifting valve cylinder) should be installed on site for feeding and sleeve, requiring all pipelines to be cleaned up, without any debris, all joints should be filled with sealing materials, and there is no leakage after pressure test.

4, bag cage and filter bag installation is all careful and careful work, so should be placed in the installation, installation, filter bag must not collide with sharp objects, hook, even small scratches, will greatly shorten the life of dust bag. The method of installing the filter bag is to first put the dust bag into the bag room by the box flower plate hole, and then the bag mouth upper spring ring knead into a concave shape, into the box flower hole plate, and then make the spring ring recovery, so that it is tightly pressed on the circumference of the flower hole, the bag cage gently inserted from the bag mouth, until the bag cage upper cover does press in the box flower plate hole so far. In order to prevent the filter bag from being trampled, it is required to install a dust removal skeleton every time a filter bag is installed. Installation of filter bag, dust bag cage and flower hole plate.

5. After the bag cage on the air box pulse bag dust collector is installed, the pressure plate should also be installed, so that the grounding wire, bag cage and flower plate on the filter bag can be closely contacted. The explosion-proof door on the air box pulse bag dust collector for coal mill has been adjusted before leaving the factory and does not need to be adjusted again during installation.

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