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750g Woven Fiberglass Dust Filter Bags With PTFE Membrane

Weight :
Temperature :
Application :
  • AK-F010


750g Fiberglass Woven filter bag is made of high-quality alkali-free glass as the raw material. After drawing-spinning-warping-weft-texturing-weaving, it is woven into a high-quality filter cloth with sufficient mechanical strength. Pretreatment process and heat setting processing, excellent physical and chemical indicators, stable size, made into filter bags that meet the requirements of working conditions. In order to improve the use effect of the filter bag and meet the needs of specific working conditions, the surface of the filter bag is treated with PTFE impregnation and PTFE film coating, which combines the characteristics of alkali-free glass fiber with the temperature resistance, flexibility, and easy cleaning of PTFE. The characteristics are organically combined, and the service life of the filter bag has been greatly improved. It is a highly cost-effective high-efficiency filter material. 

Feature : 

(1) High filtration accuracy

The microporous membrane on the surface of the glass fiber expanded membrane filter bag has small and uniform micropores (0.10-2.0μm), which can separate all the dust larger than the diameter of the micropores, and is harmful to the dust PM10 (inhalable dust) and PM2 that seriously damage human health. .5 (respirable dust) can be fully captured. Therefore, the dust purification efficiency is high and stable, and the emission standard of less than 10mg/m³ can be achieved.

(2) Easy to clean dust

The thickness of the filter material is 0.8mm, only 1/3 of the felt filter material, and the texture is soft. When cleaning dust, the filter material vibrates in a serpentine shape, and the dust is easy to peel off; the cleaning pressure is small, the number of cleaning times is small, and the cleaning cycle is prolonged, which can effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air, reduce the amount of maintenance, and save operating costs. The base material of the expanded glass fiber coated filter bag is a two-dimensional glass fiber expanded filter cloth. Due to its structural characteristics, the system operation resistance is more stable than that of the three-dimensional filter material.

(3) High strength and low elongation, stable size

The latitude and longitude strength of the expanded glass fiber coated filter bag has not been damaged by needle punching, which is several times more than that of ordinary felt filter materials, so it is more suitable for making filter bags with a relatively large long diameter (length above 6 meters); It will not shrink under high temperature, almost keep the original size, will not affect the gap between the filter bag and the frame, and ensure the dust removal effect. The elongation rate of the glass fiber filter bag is less than 3%. During the filtering operation, the weight of the filter material and the weight of the dust layer will not cause the filter bag to elongate, and it also greatly reduces the periodic damage to the filter bag caused by air pressure cleaning. .

(4) Outstanding temperature resistance

The glass fiber coated filter media can operate continuously from above the acid dew point to 260℃, and can withstand high temperature of 280℃ for 2 hours. The glass fiber expanded membrane filter material is baked in an oven at 280℃ for 2 hours, and the physical and chemical indicators and color remain unchanged, which is not available in other filter materials.

(5) Oxidation and corrosion resistance

The expanded glass fiber coated filter bag will not be oxidized by oxygen or nitride, so there is no need to consider the problem of high and low oxygen content in the dust collector. The glass fiber has outstanding corrosion resistance, and after the entire filter material is immersed in PTFE, PTFE will form a dense protective film on the surface of the glass fiber, so the MA301 filter bag suffers little erosion during operation.

(6) Water and oil repellent, suitable for working conditions with high moisture content

The hydrolysis resistance of glass fiber is very good and belongs to the first-class hydrolysis resistance fiber. On this basis, the glass fiber substrate is treated with PTFE film. After application tests, its waterproof rating is above 4.5, which eliminates the adsorption of water to the filter material and effectively reduces the phenomenon of compaction after condensation.



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