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Aramid Nomex Air Dust Filter Bags For Asphalt Mixing Plant

Temperature :
Modle :
  • AK-C001


  • AK-B001

We have many different materials of aramid filter bags in combination with different working conditions of different asphalt mixing plants : 

I . High temperature conditions for Asphalt mixing plant, ultra-low emission products *** HPE150 For Low Emission . 

Choose special fiber material. It can effectively block 0.5μm particles, and the dust is not easy to penetrate into the inside of the filter felt, and it is easy to clean the dust.

The filtration efficiency is improved by orders of magnitude. Under certain filtering wind speed and stable equipment guarantee conditions, the dust emission concentration at the outlet of the dust collector is less than 10mg/Nm³*.Unique stepped layered fiber composite structure. The long-term operation resistance of the dust collector is stable, the filter bag has a long service life, and the operating cost is lower.

II.High temperature conditions of Asphalt mixing plant ***CONEX 145 (205-250 ℃)

1. Temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, spray resistance, wear resistance

2. Low operating pressure difference, energy saving and easy cleaning

3. The old filter bag can be recycled to achieve green environmental protection

4. High filtration precision, intrinsically flame retardant

5.CONEX Meta-aramid fiber is with good fiber uniformity and wear resistance

III.  High temperature conditions of asphalt mixing plant *** PRO945 (204-240℃)

1. Preferred professional aromatic polyamide (Aramid) material

2. Resistant to harsh working conditions, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance

3. Structural optimization, good dimensional stability

4. High cost performance and mature application

IV All-inclusive (MAX series products,160-220 ℃ )

1. Multiple ratios

2.Optimal ratio selection according to different working conditions

3.Low running resistance

4.Energy saving and consumption reduction

5.Wide range of adaptation

6.Temperature resistance 160-220℃

7.Structure upgrade

FiberGram Weight TemperatureFeature
           HPE150400-600g204-250 Degree C

Low Emission to 10mg

400-600g204-250 Degree C


PRO 945 400-600g204-240 Degree C

Instead of 100% Aramid , High Cost-effective

MAX 600g160-200 Degree C

Conex Mix , More Cheaper Price



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