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Aokai Environtec, baghouse filter bags making expert

Filter Bags form the heart of a BagHouse. It serves to reduce pollutants going to the atmosphere and also helps industries to recover their product. Its prudent to select the correct bags coming from a reliable company. Aokai offers bags of Polyester / Acrylic Homopolymer / PPS Ryton / Aramid Nomex / Glass Fibre /PTFE .

Meet the needs of matching baghouse filter bags to different dust collectors.

For the different types of dust collector, Aokai Envirotec helps customers to choose the filter bag reasonably and effectively, which can reduce the electricity consumption when the fan works or the compressed air required for pulse cleaning, to reduce the operating cost of the customer. The more effective the dust cleaning pressure of the dust collector, the tighter and heavier the filter bag should be used.

The requirements of different cleaning methods of the dust collector on the weight and air permeability of the baghouse filter bags:

Dust Separation Procedure Weight(g/㎡) Air Permeability         L/dm².min@200Pa 
Shaking-and Reverse Air 250-450 250-400
Low Pressure Cleaning 400-500 150-350
Pulse Jet 500-650 40-150

Baghouse filter bags, we produce excellence

Aokai Envirotec air filter bags are always made according to the requirements of your dedusting equipment. It ensures the close fit of the filter bag and the tube sheet to prevent the dust from leaking from the tube sheet hole. Our filter bags are made from high quality filter cloth. Production procedure strictly complies with GB/T6719-2009 standards. We spend every effort to ensure 100% ex-factory passing rate. 

Baghouse filter bagsTypes and Application of Aokai Envirotec :

Material  Continuous Temperature Peak Temperature Application Remark
Polyester  130℃ 150℃ Applicable to mine, limestone, cement, iron and steel industries, alumina delivery, electrolytic aluminum, non-ferrous metal production, wood processing and pharmacy industry. Good resistance to oxidation, while limited resistance to acids and alkalis. Service life will be affected by hydrolysis at high temperature.
Acrylic  125℃ 150℃ Applicable to detergent, spray dryer, coal mill and power plant industries.  Good resistance to hydrolysis.
Aramid  204℃ 250℃ Applicable to asphalt, non-ferrous metal production, ceramic, glass industries , cement, and blast furnace in steel factories. Service life will be affected by hydrolysis at high temperature.
PPS 160℃ 190℃ Applicable to the working conditions with corrosive gas, such as chemical, metal smelting, waste incineration industries, cement kiln and coal-fired boiler. Excellent resistance to high peak temperature.
Fiberglass  200℃ 280℃ Applicable to the working conditions with high-corrosive gas, such as chemical, metal smelting, waste incineration industries, cement kiln and coal-fired boiler. Excellent resistance to all chemical influences
PTFE 240℃ 260℃ Applicable to cement kiln filter, power plants, municipal waste incinerators.

Excellent oxidation resistance  ,Sensitive to mechanical stress.

polyester filter bag


Acrylic filter bags


PPS filter bags


Specification of all material industrial baghouse filter bags : 

Types Operating Temperature℃ Instant Temperature℃ Abrasive Resistance  Hydrolytic Stability Acid Resistance Alkali Alkali Resistance Inoxidizability
Polypropylene 90 110 Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Moderate
Homopolymer Acrylic 120 130 Moderate Good Good Moderate Good
Polyester 130 150 Excellent Poor Moderate Fair Good
PPS 180 200 Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair
Metamax 190 210 Good Moderate Moderate Good Moderate
P84 220 260 Good Moderate Moderate Moderate Good
PTFE 250 280 Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fiberglass 260 290 Fair Good Moderate Good Fair
Aramid Filter Bag


P84 filter bags


ptfe filter bags