Homo-Polymer Acrylic Filter Bags For Cement Plant

Temperature :
Sample :

Product Description

Homo-Polymer Acrylic Dust Filter Bag is a kind of normal temperature filter bags of 125-150 degree C .Because of its excellent hydrolysis resistance , it usually used for instead polyester filter bags . For reduce the cost of filter bags ,it has some mixed products of below :

1. 50% Acrylic mixed 50% polyester with polyester scrim filter bags  

2. 100% Acrylic with polyester scrim filter bags 


Feature : 

1.Excellent Hydrolysis Resistance .

2.Good Chemical Resistance .

3. Acid and alkali resistance PH Value is 3-11 .

4.Humidity less than 30%, pay attention to oxidation .

Application : 

1. Power Generation 

2. Municipal Solid Waste Boilers and Waste incinerator

3. Cement Plant 

4. Limestone Plant 

5. Electrolysis and other Specialty membranes

6. Asphalt mixing plant 

7. Iron and non ferrous Metal Smelting Industry

Physical Properties : 

Weight Temperature Air Permeability Break Strength Break Elongation
500~600g/m2 125-150 Degree C




     Weft >800

    Warp ≤30%

     Weft ≤ 50%

Chemical Properties :

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Abrasion Resistance Oxidation Resistance
          Good Good          Excellent Excellent Good

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