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Meta aramid filter bags is a kind of industrial dust filter bags . Aramid has many other names call nomex , metamax , conex ,china aramid . The nomex is most popular ,but With the higher price and production reduce of dupont nomex fiber , it has already gradually replaced by Japan conex and china aramid . 

Because of the excellent abrasoion , acid and alkali resistance of the Meta Aramid  , it is widely used in asphalt mixing plant , chemical , cement kill etc . 

Fiber Gram Weight  Temperature Break Strength 
Import Conex 400-600g 204-250 Degree C

Warp>1000 N/5CM

Weft >1200 N/5CM

China Aramid AK1S 400-600g 180-220 Degree C

Warp>900 N/5CM

Weft >1200 N/5CM

China Aramid AK2S 400-600g 204-240 Degree C

Warp>900 N/5CM

Weft >1200 N/5CM

China Aramid AK3S  600g 160-200 Degree C

Warp>900 N/5CM

Weft >1200 N/5CM

Feature : 

1.Continuous operating temperature is up to 204°C, instant service temperature is up to 250°C

2.Excellent Fire retardant performance 

3.Good Corrosion resistance and alkali resistance

4.Excellent thermal stability, excellent abrasion resistance and flexural resistance 

5.Hydrolysis resistance is poor, frequent SOx and vapor in flue gas or dew point will  greatly reduce its service life.

6.High and stronger tensile strength and abrasion resistance keep our Conex filter long working life.


Appliactaion : 

1. Cement plant kiln and clinker cooler 

2. Asphalt Mixing Plant 

3.  Chemical Plant 

Physical Properties : 

Weight Temperature Air Permeability Break Strength Break Elongation
400~600g/m2 204-250 Degree C




Weft >1200

Warp ≤35%

Weft ≤ 50%

Chemical Properties :

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Abrasion Resistance Oxidation Resistance
          Good  Good Good Excellent Poor

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