Polyester PET Air Dust Collector Filter Bags

Normal Temperature Environmental Dust Removal Polyester Filter Bags Manufacturer .
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Product Description

Polyester Dust Filter Bags are one of the most widely used products in dust collector , it can use in most normal temperature working conditions lower than 130 ℃ . 

High humity  : Water&Oil Proof Polyester Dust filter bags

Explosion resistance : Anti-static Polyester Dust filter bags

Low emission (5-10mg ) : Polyester with PTFE membrane Dust Filter Bags  , Polyester mixed Microfiber Dust Filter bags .



1. Good resistance to oxidation

2. While limited resistance to acids and alkalis

3. Worse in hydrolysis in high temperature .

4. Normal tempertaure resistance (130-150 degree C )

5. Excellent abrasion resistance


Application : 

1. Cement plant Normal working conditions 

2. Steel plant

3. Power Plant

4. Wood & Furniture plant

5. Limestore , Mine 

6. Timber Mill 

7. Other normal temperature working conditons 

Physical Properties : 

Weight Temperature Air Permeability Break Strength Break Elongation
400~600g/m2 130-150 Degree C 18-20 m3.m2/min@200Pa


Weft >1200

Warp ≤35%

Weft ≤ 50%

Chemical Properties :

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Abrasion Resistance Oxidation Resistance
Fair Good Poor Excellent Excellent 

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