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Polyimide PI / P84 Dust Filter Bags

Temperature :
Sample :
Application :

PI Filter Bags also called Polyimide or P84 Filter Bags  , P84 is a register Logo made by Evonik from Austria . Polyimide and PI is made from China . The P84 Filter bags have excellent abrasion , fire resistance and high temperature , it is widely used in Cement Kill and waste incineration bolier dust collector . 


1. Working Temperature is 240 ~ 260 degree C

2. Due to the leaf-shaped cross section of P84 fiber , It’s 80% increase in filtration area than other material 

3. The properties of Hydrolytic and Oxidation resistance are not very good. The water vapour content less than 35%Vol and O2 content less than 16%Vol.

4. Oxysulfide will shorter the service life of P84 Filter bags, the suggestion content of oxysulfide should be less than 700mg/Nm3; the waste incinerator should have the desulfurizing unit.

Application :

1. Cement Kill

2. Waste Incineration Bolier   

Physical Properties : 

Weight Temperature Air Permeability Break Strength Break Elongation
500-600g/m2 240-260 Degree C





     Warp ≤25%

      Weft ≤45%

Chemical Properties :

Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Abrasion Resistance Oxidation Resistance
Good Moderate            Good          Good             Good

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