Stainless Steel Dust Collectors Filter Bag Cage

Wires number :
Wires diameter:

Product Description

The Stainless Steel Filter Bag Cage is the support of dust filter bag and it should be light and easy for installing and maintenance. The quality of dust filter cage has directly influence the filtering state and useing life of dust filter bags. The Stainless Steel Filter Bag Cage is more acid and alkali resistance than carbon steel filter bag cages , it is usualy used in some high chemical corrosion working conditions and with ptfe filter bags . 

Material : 

1.Galvanized dust Filter Bag cage 

2. Silicone Coating dust Filter Bag cage  

3.304 Stailness Steel dust Filter Bag Cage 

4.316 Stainless Steel dust Filter Bag Cage 

Specification : 

It’s great that you can provide dust filter bag cage drawings, or if you provide data according to the following information.

1. Dust Filter Bags cage material and size

2. Quantity of Vertical wires

3. Space of Horizontal wires

4. Wire diameter

5. Cell plate sizes of dust collector or baghouse

6. Dust Filter Bags Material and Size 


Jointed of the filter bags 




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