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Advantage of PTFE Membrane Dust Filter Bags

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The ptfe membrane filter bag is a new type of filter material formed by compounding a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plastic film on the surface of the general filter material. This layer of plastic film is equivalent to having the function of a "primary dust layer". The exchange of raw materials is carried out on the surface of the film, and reasonable filtration can be carried out at the beginning of application. The unique three-dimensional porous structure of the plastic film makes it impossible for dust to pass through, and there is no worry of porosity blocking. This reduces dust emissions. This type of filtering method is called "surface filtering". The sub-membrane filter material can not only achieve nearly zero pollution, but also because the plastic film is not sticky and has low frictional resistance, so the foundation will fall off automatically, ensuring the long-term stability of the frictional resistance of the machine and equipment, so the bag filter is fully used. The advantage is the ideal selection of filter raw materials.

1. Under normal circumstances, the industrial-grade filtration methods are all deep-level filtration, and effective filtration is achieved by forming a dust layer on the surface of the filter bag. The time from the beginning of filtration to the formation of effective filtration is relatively long, accounting for about 10% of all filtration process time. The frictional resistance is relatively large and the filtration output power is also very low. It is also relatively high, the ash cleaning is continuous, the energy consumption is high, the application life is not long, and the machinery and equipment occupy a large area. The dust collector cloth bag made of film-coated filter material cannot enter the bag, and is filtered close to the surface. Whether it is coarse or fine dust, it is basically all blocked on the surface of the filter material, and there is no initial filtration period. , which is immediately effective filtering.

2. Long life. No matter which cleaning system is adopted, the film-coated filter material can mainly show excellent characteristics. Hence the cost is cheap. The sub-membrane-coated filter material is a soft and tough structure, with sufficient impact toughness, plus excellent deliming performance, which reduces the compressive strength of ash cleaning. Under the loss of low and stable working pressure, It can be used for a long time and extend the life of the filter bag.

3. Bottom pressure, high-throughput sequencing works continuously. The traditional deep-level filtration filter material, once delivered, the dust will pass through, forming a dust layer, and the air permeability will be reduced dexterously. During filtration, the dust deposited inside creates a clogging view, which subsequently increases the frictional resistance of the dust collector equipment. The sub-membrane filter material has a small diameter and high viscosity, so that the dust transmittance is close to zero, and the filtration output is good when it is delivered. When the filter material accumulated on the surface of the plastic film filter material reaches a certain thickness, it will actively Falling, easy to clean the dust, so that the filtration working pressure has been maintained at a very low level, the total gas flow has been maintained at a high quality, and it can work continuously.

4. Simple cleaning. The actual operating pressure loss of a filter material immediately depends on whether it remains or stays on the surface of the filter material after cleaning, and the length of cleaning time (membrane-coated filter material only takes about a few seconds), and it has a very good cleaning effect. Features, every time cleaning can reasonably remove the dust layer, the inside of the filter material is not easy to be blocked, it is not easy to modify the porosity and mass density, and it can often maintain the bottom pressure and lose work.

All in all, in gas filtration technology, chemical fiber filtration is generally used in dust collector bags; membrane filtration is used in ptfe membrane filter bags. The selection of dust collector bags is based on the temperature of the gas, the environmental humidity and the characteristics of organic chemistry; the size, net weight, appearance design of the particulate material and its soot concentration value, filtration rate, cleaning method, sewage concentration value and the work of the bag filter. Factors such as specifications and operating costs are comprehensively considered

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