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Advantages of membrane dust filter bag

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The membrane dust filter bag has become an indispensable new material for dust and material filtration and collection, as well as precision filtration. The dust collection efficiency of the dust filter bag is higher and the service life is longer. The advantages are:

1. High efficiency of unfinished filtration on the surface:

Usually industrial filter media is depth filtration. It relies on the establishment of a dust layer on the surface of the filter material to achieve effective filtration. The establishment of effective filtration time is long (about 10% of the entire filtration process), the resistance is large, the efficiency is low, the retention is incomplete, the filtration and backflushing pressure is high, the cleaning is frequent, the energy consumption is high, the service life is not long, and the equipment occupies an area large area. Using the filter material of the film-coated dust filter bag, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, it is the surface filtration, whether it is coarse or fine dust, all deposited on the surface of the filter material, that is, the filter material is retained by the pore size of the membrane itself, and there is no initial filtration period. Effective filtering, nearly 100% of the time in filtering.

2. Low pressure, high flux continuous work:

Once the traditional depth filtration filter material is put into use, the dust penetrates and a dust layer is established, and the air permeability decreases rapidly. During filtration, the accumulated dust inside causes clogging, which increases the resistance of the dust removal equipment. The membrane filter material has a fine pore size and lower viscosity, so that the dust penetration rate is close to zero, and it provides the best filtration efficiency when it is put into use. When the filter material deposited on the surface of the membrane filter material reaches a certain thickness, it will It automatically falls off and is easy to clean, so that the filtration pressure is always kept at a very low level, the air flow is always kept at a high level, and it can work continuously.

3. Easy to clean:

The operating pressure loss of any kind of filter material directly depends on the amount of dust remaining or remaining on the surface of the filter material after cleaning, and the length of cleaning time (the film-coated dust bag only takes a few seconds). With the characteristics of cleaning dust, the dust layer can be completely removed every time, the filter material will not cause blockage, the porosity and mass density will not be changed, and it can often be maintained at low pressure loss.

4. Long life:

No matter what cleaning mechanism is adopted, the membrane dust filter bag can give full play to its superiority. It is a filter material that fully utilizes the design function of the dust collector.

Therefore, the cost is low.

The membrane dust filter bag is a kind of strong and soft fiber structure, which is compounded with a strong base material. Therefore, it has sufficient mechanical strength, and has excellent deashing properties, which reduces the cleaning strength. Under the low and stable pressure loss, it can be used for a long time and prolong the life of the dust filter bag.

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