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After treatment of Filter bag material

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-07-20      Origin: Site


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Treatment method of filter bag material:

       1. Burning treatment

       Sintering equipment, the processed needle felt filter material has the advantages of ordinary singeing and calendering on one side and both sides, which not only increases the dust removal performance of the filter material, but also collects fine dust.

       2. Antistatic treatment

       Certain dust in a certain concentration state will burn or generate static electricity due to friction when encountering sparks. Therefore, needle felt filter material with antistatic treatment should be used for flammable and explosive dust. Antistatic filter material refers to the mixing of conductive fibers (including binary conductive fibers, graphite wire conductive fibers and stainless steel conductive fibers) into the filter material fibers to make the entire filter material have conductive properties.

       3. Waterproof and oil-proof treatment

       The needle felt filter material adopts fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnation treatment for oil and water repellent treatment, which is easy to collect dust on the surface of the filter bag for wet dusty gas (for water absorption, deliquescent dust), and reduce the occurrence of bag sticking. .

       4. Easy to clean dust treatment

       The needle-punched felt filter material used for producing easy-cleaning dust is dense, has good dust removal performance, and can work for a long time at a higher filtering wind speed.

       5. PTFE Membrane Treatment

      For filter the fine dust and reach the 10mg emission , it will do the PTFE membrane treatment for the filter bag material 

      6. PTFE Dipping Treatment 

      The PTFE dipping treatment can increase the temperature of the filter bag material and the oxidation resistance of that  . 

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