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Aramid Dust Filter Bags Introduction

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-11      Origin: Site


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Aramid Dust  Filter Bags

The wholesale direct selling price of the high-temperature-resistant Metas dust bag enterprise company is made of fibers produced by DuPont of the United States and Teijin of Japan, and composite needle punched according to a certain ratio. Compared with ordinary filter media, this product also has the following advantages:

1. Excellent high temperature resistance: it can work continuously at a temperature of 180℃, and the instantaneous working temperature can reach 220℃;

2. High dimensional stability: at a high temperature of 230 ℃, only 1% expansion rate, high temperature stability;

3. Fire and flame retardant performance: it starts to decompose and carbonize at 400°C, the limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 30, and it is neither spontaneous nor combustion-supporting;

4. Good chemical corrosion resistance: acid and alkali resistance and not easy to corrode.

Product name:   Aramid Dust  Filter Bags

Material :   Aramid 

Thickness:   2.0-2.2mm

Gram weight:   400-600g/m2

Density:   0.29g/cm/3

Air permeability:   13-16m3/m2.min

Warp tensile force:   >1100(N/5×20cm)

Weft tension:   >1300(N/5×20cm)

Warp elongation:   <20%

Weft elongation:   <50%

Working temperature:   204℃, instantly 250℃

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