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Asphalt Plant Dust Filter Bags

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Flue gas characteristics of asphalt flue gas system 

(1) The main flue gas is the flue gas after the burning of heavy oil or diesel, and the dust, moisture and asphalt flue gas in the drying process of sand and stone.

(2) Due to the large dust particles at the air outlet, a first-stage inertial dust removal is required, which not only protects the filter bag from the impact of sparks, but also recycles the recovered fine powder.

(3) The temperature of the dust-containing gas from the drying and heating drum when it enters the bag filter is generally between 150-190 ℃. In asphalt plants, moisture in sand and aggregates is a common problem, which increases the humidity of dust-laden gases.

(4) The material heating and drying system is to fully heat the aggregate through fuel injection combustion. A small amount of physicochemical oil is not fully burned, and the dusty gas enters the bag filter, which is easy to cause filter bag sticking.

Therefore, the above factors should be considered when selecting Asphalt Plant Dust Filter Bags  to ensure the stable operation of the system. We recommend the use of aramid filter bags and aramid mixed filter bags in below.

204-250 ℃160-220℃180-220℃204-240℃
100% Aramid Aramid mixed 1Aramid mixed 2Aramid mixed 3

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