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Biomass boilers Filter Bags attention

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What should be paid attention to in the design of the polyester dust filter bag used in the dust filter design of biomass boilers?

1. Select filter material according to boiler flue gas temperature

Due to the use of polyester dust filter bags, the temperature of the boiler exhaust gas has become an important consideration due to the restriction of the heat resistance of the filter material. The outlet temperature of the biomass boiler is generally measured to be about 200 ℃, and the bag of the dust collector should be selected according to the material standard of the high temperature bag.

2. Select the filter material according to the nature of the flue gas

Due to the small particle size and high viscosity of the dust in the flue gas of the biomass boiler, in order to make the dust attached to the surface of the cloth bag more conducive to peeling, the selected cloth bag should have the function of water and oil repellency. The design of the surface coating treatment of the dust collector bag is more favorable for the use of the biomass boiler dust collector to ensure its filtering effect.

Biomass boiler dust collector smoke and dust treatment process: from the economizer outlet to the pipe to the dust collector inlet, the dust collector outlet is connected to the fan inlet, the fan outlet is sent to the flue, and discharged into the atmosphere through the large chimney. The working principle is as follows: the dust-laden airflow enters the upper space of the filter chamber tangentially from the air inlet. Under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, the heavy dust rotates along the wall of the filter chamber and falls into the ash hopper, and the slight dust is forcibly blocked and adhered by the filter bag. The outer wall of the filter bag; the purified air enters the clean room through the trapezoidal hole of the flower plate under the action of the internal and external pressure difference and is discharged into the atmosphere. With the accumulation of dust on the filter bag, the amount of dust gradually increases. When the dust reaches the level of cleaning, it is controlled by a timed cleaning device, and the reverse blower and the rotating arm rotating mechanism of the reverse blower are automatically activated to clean the dust. The dust adhering to the outer wall of the filter bag is blown off the ash hopper. When the dust is finished, the blower and the transmission mechanism of the blower arm automatically stop working. The ash cleaning device of the boiler bag filter is controlled by a time relay, and the length of the ash cleaning cycle should be adjusted according to the dust concentration and the proportion of moisture.

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