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Cause of dust bag filter explosion of precipitator

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-10      Origin: Site


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1. The difference between dust explosion and combustion. The combustion of large pieces of solid fuel is pushed inward by nearly parallel layers, such as the combustion of coal. The release of this burning energy is slow. The resulting heat and gases can escape quickly. Heap combustion of combustible dust, in the case of good ventilation to form an open flame combustion, and in the case of poor ventilation.

2. After the dust explosion, there will often be a secondary explosion. This is because in the first explosion, a lot of dust is deposited together, and the concentration exceeds the upper concentration value of the dust explosion and can not be exploded. However, when the shock wave or air wave formed by the first explosion raises the deposited dust again, it mixes with the air in the air, and the concentration is within the dust explosion range, it may be followed by a secondary explosion. The damage caused by the second explosion is often much worse than the first one.

3. The mechanism of dust explosion Combustible dust will release energy when it is burned in the air, and a large amount of gas is produced in the well. The speed of the release of energy, that is, the size of the combustion rate, is related to the area of the powder exposed to the air. Therefore, for the powder of the same solid substance, the smaller the particle size, the larger the specific surface area, the faster the combustion and diffusion. If the solid is fine grained. So that it can be suspended, and once it is ignited by a little fire source, it can release a lot of energy in a very short time. These energies have no time to escape to the surrounding environment, resulting in heating and adiabatic expansion of the gas in the space, and on the other hand, when the powder combustion produces a large number of gases, will make the system form local high pressure, resulting in explosion and propagation, which is usually called dust explosion.

4. The explosion of dust precipitator is much more complex than that of combustible substances and combustible gases. Combustible dust is suspended in the air and forms dust clouds within the range of explosion concentration. Under the action of the heat released by the combustion of this small fireball, the surrounding dust will be heated, the temperature will rise, the phenomenon of fire combustion, so that the fireball will rapidly expand and form a dust explosion.

2. How to prevent dust explosion of dust collector?

A hidden flame that forms a smokeless or flame. How to prevent dust explosion of dust collector?

1. When designing the dust collector, the dip Angle of the ash bucket wall is more than 7002, and the solder slip plate is added to the right Angle formed by the two inclined planes of the ash bucket to avoid the ash accumulation at the 9002 Angle.

2. The use of antistatic precipitator is conducive to preventing electrostatic accumulation from sparking pulverized coal.

3. The gravity pressure relief valve is used. When the critical pressure is exceeded, the pressure relief valve is opened, which can make the explosion consequences in the minimum.

4. There is no ash plane with small dip Angle in the body, and the Angle steel used for internal support is also designed into inclined plane.

5. Add a thermometer, when the thermometer exceeds the critical temperature, the signal will be sent to the microcomputer console, the console will issue an audible and optical alarm signal, notify the post immediately processing.

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