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Causes of air dust filter bag adhesion

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-12      Origin: Site


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(1) The model of the dust removal device does not match.

Bag dust collector usually has a higher dust removal efficiency, mainly because the total area of the bag filter is large, can make the diffused gas and synthetic fiber filter bag full contact and collection, and with short interval pulse force, can circulate the system to collect small dust. Fully considering the scope of application of economic development, the model selection of bag dust collector is generally more important. Switching model choices can lead to an expansion of energy consumption, while too small model choices can lead to an increase in the number of processing companies and adhesive bags. Therefore, in the selection of bag dust collector, we must choose the appropriate model according to the amount of exhaust gas, to avoid increasing the probability of adhesive bag adhesion in the basic processing process; In addition, the combination of the filter bag and the filter cage is also very important. If the mutual fit is loose, it will lead to the high pressure gas pulse intensity is small, the actual effect of dust removal is not complete. If the combination is too tight, it is easy to tighten the filter bag immediately, resulting in small pressure impulse, no deformation of the filter bag, the actual effect of immediate adhesion of the paste bag; The type choice of centrifugal fan is also a key issue. It is necessary to measure the working pressure, friction resistance and air volume of all mechanical equipment system software, and to select an economically efficient power system. When selecting the model of dust removal equipment and mechanical equipment, all processing technologies should be considered. In the scheme design, it is necessary to effectively choose the production technology such as the cooperation of mechanical equipment, the flow of processing technology and the rationality of system software.

(2) Ventilation, part of the temperature difference is large.

Under the condition of negative pressure, if the bag filter leaks, it will inhale a lot of external gas and fog water, which will make the filter bag wet, resulting in paste bag adhesion, and increase the operating friction resistance. Therefore, the dust removal equipment should be strictly required in the production, and the ventilation rate should be less than 3%. Welding quality must be performed in accordance with relative standards and specifications. After welding, gasoline and luminescent powder should be selected for leak inspection. Steam leaks must be welded again and ventilation points such as sand holes must be removed. Areas where dust removal equipment is frequently removed must be sealed and inspected frequently. In addition, wall insulation materials such as rock wool board should be insulated outside the shell to prevent the dust removal equipment from being transformed into water droplets due to hot and cold exchange in local areas. Reduce the steam leakage point of the dust removal equipment, maintain the filter bag reasonably, avoid adhesion, and ensure the smooth operation of the mechanical equipment under low friction resistance. Before all dust removal equipment is turned off, the centrifugal fan should be run again to drain all water from the system software.

(3) Pulse control deashing time is short, deashing time is long.

Short pulse time and long pulse time will lead to the dust on the cloth bag is not completely removed by the dust removal equipment, that is, it enters the filtering state of the circulating system, the friction resistance rises rapidly, the air circulation is less, the dust cannot be immediately removed, resulting in the adhesion of the paste bag. For bag dust collector, the gas boiler time of electromagnetic pulse valve (the whole deashing process) can reach 0.05 ~ 0.5s adjustment. The same part of the deashing cycle can be up to 30min internal adjustment. In the field of porcelain with more viscous raw materials, its exhaust gas also belongs to high temperature and low temperature gas, which is easy to cause adhesion. Therefore, in the whole process, should effectively increase the deashing time, increase the gas pressure, increase the air supply, so that the cloth bag completely deashing, reduce the friction resistance, improve its service life.

(4) There are more gas residues in all gas path system software under working pressure. Generally speaking, it is suitable for the van filter press of large bag filter. The area caused by high pressure gas has a professional operation room, which can fully ensure the quality of natural ambient gas and the temperature of high pressure gas. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises choose very simple air filters. The external natural environment is particularly harmful to high-pressure gases. Residues and moisture in natural ambient gases are not controlled. They will immediately spray into the bag, which will restore moisture to the bag for a long time and cause adhesion. If it is similar to the exhaust of ceramic manufacturers, the ambient humidity is particularly high. Once the low temperature and high pressure gas is injected, the strong cold air will be traded with the moisture in the high temperature body, and it is easier to produce paste bag adhesion on the surface of the cloth bag. If you want to solve this problem, you should consistently open the air compressor tank, EMP valve air bag, and other exhaust pipe filter valves every day to remove water and oil waste. The air heater is installed in front of the high-pressure tank, so that the compressed air is dried and heated first, and then sprayed into the filter bag for dust removal.

(5) The sulfur content of natural materials is high

Key to this is the use of coal or liquefied gas in natural materials such as porcelain. Generally speaking, the working temperature of the cloth bag filter is stipulated to be more than 20℃ higher than the condensed water point of the exhaust gas, so the operation of the cloth bag filter is safer, mainly in order to avoid condensation water paste the bag. When the temperature is lower than the condensed water point, the exhaust gas will dissolve the liquid, immediately mix with the dust, and bond with the filter bag, resulting in the normal operation of the dust removal equipment. The larger the composition of sulfate and water in the body, the higher the condensate point, and the higher the operating temperature of the bag filter. However, the physical characteristics and rationality of the filter bag of the dust removal equipment limit the operating temperature of all the normal bag filter to a certain range. If it is not harmonious, the situation of condensation water is difficult to avoid. Acid substances will produce a shell on the surface of the cloth bag and block the permeability of the cloth bag. Therefore, in the process of converting the waste gas into processing, for natural materials, the entire intermediate process needs to be effectively distributed and handled to reduce the sulfur content and water vapor as far as possible, control the exhaust gas temperature and avoid water analysis.

(6) The selection of filter bag is unreasonable

Due to the insufficient needle density of some filter materials, the synthetic fibers on the filter surface are relatively loose. Even after the surface has been burned, fine dust can easily enter the filter material and remain in it. Dust is deposited to a certain extent, and then water vapor is added to the dust to harm, slowly producing a blockage from the inside out. In addition, some filtration materials retain the tail end of the synthetic fiber on the surface, which is actually intended to promote condensation from the tail end of the synthetic fiber. Dust will also first produce dust groups here, when the dust groups slowly promote each other between the railway Bridges. Large-scale pasting bags have been produced, especially in the areas of porcelain contour viscosity, high and low temperature components, where the characteristics of raw materials are more likely to produce adhesion. Therefore, when selecting the cloth bag, it is necessary to select the effective grade of the exhaust gas characteristics, and carry out hydrophobic treatment, surface combustion and polishing treatment on the filter material.

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