Causes of damage to the dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-20      Origin: Site


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1. The dust filter bag cage is not standardized. If the welding of the dust filter bag cage is uneven or there is friction with the box body, it will cause the dust removal filter bag to be worn out or leaked during the shaking process. Generally, the uneven dust filter bag cage means that there are burrs or corners;

2. The hanging of the dust filter bag is not standardized. If the dust filter bag is too loose when hanging, it will cause collision or friction between the dust filter bag and other components, which will damage itself;

3. Irregular disassembly and assembly of the dust filter bag. When the dust filter bag is disassembled or installed, it is likely to collide with the metal edges and corners and cause dark injuries. This kind of damage is not easy to be found, but dust will appear during work;

4. The cleaning cycle is unreasonable. Too short cleaning cycle and wrong cleaning method will increase the burden on the dust filter bag and cause the dust filter bag to be easily damaged;

5. The nature of dusty gas. Excessive temperature, high concentration, and high wind speed of dust-containing gas will increase the burden on the dust filter bag and easily cause premature damage to the dust filter bag. In addition, if the dust filter bag used fails to meet this working condition, it is easy to burn out; on the contrary, if the temperature is too low and the wind speed is low, it is easy to cause condensation and incomplete dust removal of the dust filter bag, so the dust filter bag is easier damage.

When most cloth bags are destroyed, they should be replaced as much as possible (when the filter material is in a long-term task, the ultrafine dust accumulated in the filter material layer reduces its air permeability, and when it interferes with the exhaust volume of the system, it must be replaced even if it is not damaged. ). It is recommended to replace the cloth bag when the dust collector stops operating. At this time, you can close the dust removal controller, open the top manhole door, and then disassemble the cloth bag. When disassembling, remove the bag cage first, and then remove the cloth bag. The upper spring ring is kneaded into a concave shape, and the broken cloth bag is dragged up. Before reinstalling the cloth bag, the dust on the hole of the flower plate should be cleaned up.


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