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Common faults and maintenance methods of asphalt mixing plants filter bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-13      Origin: Site


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1. Cold material feeding failure

Cold slug feed failure. The failure may be caused by a stuck rock or foreign object under the cold stock tape. If there is a fault in the circuit, then check the circuit to see if there is a short circuit in the cable. The deviation of the belt conveyor is generally caused by the following factors: belt slippage and varying belt tension. At this time, the staff must make another adjustment to ensure that the belt conveyor is in a stable and safe operation state, and the value of the ammeter in the manufacturing room must be monitored. The value of the value is the key basis for judging which motor equipment is faulty.

2. Malfunction of the mixer

The main manifestation of the failure of the mixer is abnormal noise, which is directly related to bearing damage and dislocation. The bearing problem is caused by the instantaneous overload of the hybrid drive motor. At this time, in order to eliminate the failure, the bearing needs to be maintained. If a component has heavy wear or internal detachment, it should be replaced, such as: guard plate, mixing arm, mixing blade. When the mixer is discharging, the temperature of the aggregate sometimes changes abnormally. We need to thoroughly clean the temperature sensor and check whether the cooling device is working properly.

3. Burner ignition failure

When a burner ignition failure occurs, the following inspections are required:

(1) Check the interior of the operating room to see if it has ignition and combustion conditions.

(2) Check the on-off status of the power switch. In addition, it also includes whether the blower door is activated, whether the blower door is in the ignition position, and whether the drying cylinder and the internal pressure gauge are in the manual position. If the ignition is not affected, you need to check the fuel passages for blockages. Finally, check the operation of the oil pump and the pressure condition of the oil pump outlet.

4. Sensor failure

The sensors of the asphalt commercial concrete station mainly include: temperature sensor, material level sensor and load sensor. If the measurement of the sensor is inaccurate, or the work fails, it will affect the operation of the commercial concrete station. Therefore, staff need to maintain and repair it regularly. Calibration of metrology accuracy is also carried out once a year.

5. PLC module failure

When the PLC module fails, the indicating device should be checked first. Next, find out the specific location, and you need to refer to the fault indication at this time. In response to this situation, the module can be replaced, so that the system will be restored as quickly as possible. Check whether the input switch signal is in place. Whether the wiring board is loose, whether the logic output of the output terminal meets the requirements, etc. cannot be ignored. If there is a problem with the module, replace it with a new module in time.

6. Malfunctions of asphalt heat transfer oil system and troubleshooting methods

The heat transfer oil furnace mainly has the following factors:

(1) If the diesel filter is not cleaned in time, the fuel oil circuit will be blocked, and the fire alarm signal will warn it. Therefore, to clean the diesel filter, the staff must start with the first-stage filter screen. When the first-stage filter screen is dirty, the second-stage filter screen and the third-stage filter screen need to be cleaned. As for the cleaning method, diesel bubble washing and air blowing can be combined.

(2) Poor atomization of oil ejected by the oil pump is also an important cause of failure. The solution is to replace it with better diesel and clean the oil valve and damper valve.

(3) The continuity of fuel injection is poor, which has a great relationship with the air entering the fuel pipeline. The solution is to control the diesel pump contactor.

(4) Insufficient fuel pressure, which has a lot to do with normal mechanical wear. The solution is to increase the pressure regulating valve on the high pressure oil pump.

(5) The heat transfer oil pressure is abnormal. Solution: Turn off the burner and open the exhaust valve. In this way, the circulation pump will continue to operate. If the pressure does not stabilize after a long time, it is necessary to let the oil cool down and then check the filter.

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