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Daily maintenance of dust filter bags

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1. During operation, it is recommended to record the pressure difference of the dust removal room and the outlet air volume of the dust removal room once an hour. If something unusual happens, you should take immediate measures and deal with it in time.

2. Regularly check whether the electrical and pneumatic components of the bag filter can operate;

3. It is necessary to check the ash discharge status of the ash hopper of the bag filter once every shift to ensure that the ash accumulation of the ash hopper does not exceed one third of the height of the ash hopper.

4. Supervise the discharge status at any time. If there is dust from the chimney, check the operation status of the dust collector in time to check whether there are broken bags or dropped bags.

5. Frequently check the pulse blowing pressure; ensure that the dust removal pressure of the bag filter is within the normal value.

6. Regularly check the pulse blowing tube to prevent the deviation of the core of the pulse blowing nozzle from the core of the dust bag hole due to the loosening, shifting, and loose connection of the blowing tube, resulting in damage to the dust bag.

7. Frequently check whether there is any dust blockage in each bin of the bag filter, and whether the flue gas baffle can operate normally.

8. Regularly check the sealing condition of the compartment door of the bag filter to ensure that all the sealed leather parts are good and there is no air leakage.

9. If the dust bag is broken, replace the dust bag in time.

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