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Fiberglass Dust filter bag for cement plant

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How to choose better raw materials for Fiberglass filter bags in cement plants?

In cement plants, most of them are filter bags in cement plants, so the selection and application of filter materials selected in the dust bag of cement plants are the key skills of bag filters, which play a key role in the function of dust removal equipment and the actual dust removal effect. effect. The dust-containing 4 gas emitted by the cement plant has different characteristics according to the whole process, such as:

1. High temperature, such as the dusty gas discharged from the cement rotary kiln, the temperature reaches 350-400℃, which can only be resolved after heat treatment and refrigeration;

2. High and low temperature, such as mechanical shaft kiln, drying equipment, not only the temperature fluctuates, but the humidity also reaches more than 20%;

3. High-concentration dust removal equipment, equipped with column mills, kneading mills, and powder separators, can solve the dust-containing gas and dust concentration value of 700-1600g/m3. It is a powder collection mechanical equipment in the processing process and also controls dust emissions. Environmental protection machinery;

4. Flame-retardant and explosion-proof type, such as dusty gas discharged from coal mills.

In the final analysis, there are dust with normal temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature, high concentration, combustion and explosive characteristics, and dust with large temperature fluctuations, such as vertical kiln bag filter, which must prevent bag sticking and bag burning; therefore , When using filter materials for Fiberglass filter bags in cement plants, different filter systems should be selected for different standards, and effective technical protection measures should be taken.

Widely used in steel, concrete, chemical plants, power plants, road maintenance, metallurgical industry, grain and oil processing industries.

One of the key technologies for the application of Fiberglass filter bags in cement plants is the selection and application of raw materials for dust collector bags, because the selection of filter materials plays a key role in the characteristics of dust removal equipment. According to the different processing processes in the concrete industry, the smoke and steam emitted have different characteristics, such as:

(1) High temperature. If the temperature of the smoke and steam emitted from the cement rotary kiln reaches 350-400°C, it must undergo heat treatment and the steam can be cooled.

(2) High and low temperature. For example, mechanical kilns and drying equipment not only fluctuate in temperature, but the moisture content in the body also reaches more than 20%;

(3)Higher concentration. The bag filter is equipped with powder separator, column mill, and extrusion molding mill supporting facilities. The concentration of smoke and dust in the steam after solution can reach 700-1600g/m3. It is a recycling equipment in the production process and is also an environmental protection for manipulating smoke and dust emissions. mechanical;

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