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Filter bag installation requirements

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The installation of the dust filter bag should be completed after all the installation of the dust collector (including insulation and anti-corrosion work), and it is confirmed that the box is no longer hot, before the installation of the bag. At the same time, the sundries in the box and on the surface of the plate must be cleaned. Pulse dust collector needs to remove the blowpipe before installing the filter bag

1. When installing the filter bag, it should be handled lightly, not pulled, dragged, thrown, not trampled, sitting or walking on the flow bag. The filter bag should be placed on the smooth floor, and can also be placed on cardboard or other substitutes to avoid damage to the filter bag

2. The installation personnel of dust filter bag manufacturer should be dressed in concise clothes, and the pockets of clothes should be clean. Cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other items should not be carried, so as not to enter the filter bag. (If the filter bag falls into the debris must be removed). Do not wear nails or shoes with hard soles for installation. The personnel who install the bag should be fixed, the position should be fixed, and the responsibility should be clear. Each person should make a record of the filter bag installed by himself and sign on the record book.

3. Installation environment requirements: the lighting at the installation site is sufficient, and no equipment or sundry that has nothing to do with installation is allowed to be stored at the site.

4. During the installation of the filter bag, no smoking, no welding or cutting in any form or part is allowed, and lighting with lighters and matches is strictly prohibited in the case of power failure. After the end of installation every day, the installation tools should be counted to avoid missing into the filter bag and damaging the filter bag.

The filter bag should be installed in sequence from one end of the box to the other end. The installation personnel should use a backward position to avoid trampling or damaging the installed filter bag

6, coated filter bag, installation must use the filter bag sheath, avoid the filter bag and flower plate or other objects collision, scratch the bag. It is required that the glass fiber filter bag and the bag cage must be closely matched, and the length of the glass fiber filter bag is greater than the length of the bag cage within 20mm. It is recommended to use the bag cage with more than 20 vertical bars, and the spacing between the vertical bars is less than 20mm; The ring distance is 200mm.

7. Operation requirements: The filter bag manufacturer recommends installation by two people. One person folds the cloth bag lengthwise to minimize the contact between the filter bag and the flower plate and send it into the flower plate hole, and another person holds and opens the filter bag into a roll gradually. Pinch the mouth of the bag into a U shape, stick the mouth slot of the bag on the flower plate, hold the side of the flower plate, release the mouth of the bag and let the filter bag bounce back by itself or manually bounce back, so that the groove of the filter bag mouth stuck on the flower plate, make sure that it is tight and does not shake. When there is a gap, a smooth cylinder can be tapped inside the mouth of the bag to make it close together. After installation, the filter bag is strictly prohibited from stepping on and can be covered with thick cardboard.

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