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How to choose the filter bag material in waste incineration

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-20      Origin: Site


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Characteristics of waste incineration working condition

1. The temperature of flue gas entering the dust collector after deacidification is generally 160-200℃, which can reach about 260℃ instantly.

2. The flue gas contains sulphide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and other acidic gases, which are easy to form acid corrosion to the dust collector and filter materials.

3. The moisture content of dust and dust can reach 20-30% or even 60%.

4. The deacidification dust has strong moisture absorption capacity. When the temperature fluctuates, high moisture content is easy to form dew-forming conditions, resulting in the blockage of the dust coalescence bag collected in the filter bag, or even the damage of the filter bag.

5. The average particle size of dust from garbage incineration is 20 ~ 30 m, and those less than 30 m can account for 50 ~ 60%. The true density is 2.2 ~ 2.3g/cm, and the accumulation density is only 0.3 ~ 0.5 g/cm.

How to choose the filter bag material in waste incineration

1) Bag Filter

Filter wind speed

Admission mode

Distribution of airflow

ash removal parameters and methods

Tube sheet center distance

warehouse and lift valve situation

Ash system

Current operating resistance (Pa)

Downtime frequency (times/year)

2) Smoke analysis

Operating temperature

Composition of smoke

Dust characteristics

3) on-site use

The use of the original filter bag

Supporting Filter bag cage use condition

Operation and maintenance problems


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