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How to distinguish membrane dust filter bags

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The filter material of the membrane filter bag is a new filter material with high efficiency, low resistance, high filtration accuracy and long life. It is currently widely used in working conditions such as stainless steel plates, concrete, rare metals, and carbon black.

1. Surface. The surface of the PTFE coated filter material is relatively smoother and not rougher than that of the uncoated filter bag.

2. Waterproof. The surface of the film-coated filter material will have a certain waterproof performance, and the non-coated filter material will not have any waterproof effect.

3. Blow. Use a hair dryer to blow the surface of the filter material, there will be fibers blown off the surface, the surface of the film is a thin layer of integral film, no fibers fall off.

What are the advantages of membrane filter bags?

For PTFE coated filter bags, the ash removal efficiency is high. The following are the advantages of using membrane filter bags:

The PTFE coated filter bag can be used in dust collectors with harsh working conditions, reducing emissions and prolonging service life.

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