How to distinguish the membrane filter bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-14      Origin: Site


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Ordinary dust removal bags are made of needle-punched felt, woven cloth, cotton and linen fibers, etc. Due to the large gap of the filter material itself at the initial stage of use, part of the smaller dust will directly pass through the gap and be discharged through the exhaust port. When collecting dust for the first time, a dust layer is formed on the surface of the dust bag, and then the subsequent dust filtration work is carried out. After long-term use, the dust on the surface of the filter material will gradually infiltrate into the filter material, causing the air holes of the dust bag to be blocked, and the operating resistance of the equipment will continue to increase, so the service life of the dust bag is not very long. Ordinary dust filter bags can only filter ordinary dust.

Dust bag lamination method:

There are two ways to coat the dust bag: one is glue compounding, which is a relatively primary compounding method, with low compounding strength, easy to release the film, and short life. Superior performance; the other is thermal compounding, which is the most advanced compounding method, which can completely maintain the superior properties of PTFE, but has strict requirements on thermal compounding technology.

Dust collector cloth bags rely on the establishment of a dust layer on the surface of the filter material for effective filtration, which takes a long time to establish effective filtration, has large resistance and low efficiency. The retention is incomplete, the loss is also large, the filtration backflushing pressure is high, the ash cleaning is frequent, the energy consumption is high, the service life is not long, and the equipment occupies a large area. Using the membrane filter cloth, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, but only the surface is filtered. Whether it is coarse or fine dust, all of them are deposited on the surface of the filter material, that is, the filter material is retained by the pore size of the membrane itself. There is no initial filtration period, and the beginning is effective filtration .

The film-coated dust bag has the following characteristics:

High surface efficiency, low pressure, high flux continuous work, easy cleaning, long service life. Its performance is extremely superior, and its filtration method is membrane surface filtration, which retains nearly 100% of the filtrate.

1. The surface efficiency of the film-coated dust bag is high.

2. Easy to clean.

3. Low pressure, high flux continuous work

Common industrial dust removal bags do not use film-coated dust removal bags. It relies on the surface of the filter material to first establish a dust layer for effective filtration. The effective filtration time is long, the resistance is large, and the efficiency is low. The interception is incomplete, the loss is also large, the filter box has high backflushing pressure, frequent ash cleaning, high energy consumption, short service life, and large equipment footprint. Using the membrane filter cloth, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, indicating that the surface is filtered, no matter the thickness of the dust, all the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter material. The film-coated filter bag only takes a few seconds and has very good and excellent cleaning characteristics. The dust layer can be completely removed every time the dust is cleaned. The inside of the filter material will not cause blockage, and will not change the porosity and density. Works with low pressure losses. The operating pressure loss of any kind of filter material directly depends on the amount of dust left or on the surface of the filter material after cleaning. The cleaning time is long, and the 729 filter material is softer than other filter materials, that is, it is easier to clean .


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