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Influence of dust removal efficiency and life of filter bag

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Selection of air cloth ratio

The selection of gas cloth ratio is actually the smoke volume per minute passed by the unit filter material. For small bag filter, gas cloth ratio is the ratio of the gas volume at the inlet and the area of the filter cloth. In order to find the best gas-cloth ratio, it is necessary to take the type of filter material, the way of dust removal and the performance of the dust collector as the main basis. In the process of dust removal, if the filtered wind speed is in a high state, this situation is easy to lead to the occurrence of secondary dust due to the uneven distribution of air flow. If the filtered wind speed is in a low state, it is likely to cause frequent dust removal due to the large operation resistance, which leads to the increase of investment cost and the corresponding economic benefits will be reduced.


Quality of filter media

For the bag dust collector, the quality of the filter material has a direct impact on the efficiency of its dust removal, so in the process of production, the quality needs to be strictly controlled. In the process of selecting the filter material, we should not only consider the hardness of the particles, but also consider the characteristics of the dust and the characteristics of the flue gas. These influencing factors are integrated, so as to select the best filter material. Under normal circumstances, the filter material with higher dust removal efficiency has the following characteristics: corrosion resistance, good permeability, wear resistance, in line with the requirements of the site.


Ash clearing method

(1) Pulse back blowing method

This method takes the principle of backblowing air pressure as the main basis. According to the different pressures, it can be divided into two ways: low pressure pulse backblowing and high pressure pulse backblowing. At present, the application of this method has been popular, and the effect is better. But this method has a disadvantage, that is, there must be a compressed air source, otherwise there is no way to work normally.

(2) Reverse air flow reverse blowing method

The reverse airflow backblowing method is actually to let the air blowing in the opposite direction pass through the dust layer and the filter bag. Under the action of the air flow, the dust on the filter bag can fall off. In the process of using air flow to clean dust, the removal mechanism is very simple and easy to maintain, but the inside of the filter bag must require the corresponding support structure, such as the mesh or support ring, so that the filter bag will not be flattened, will not appear adhesion phenomenon, but also can play the role of protecting the initial layer.


Improve the idea

In order to further dedusting efficiency, the dust collector can be reformed in the field environment, some new suction pipe paths can be arranged to switch with the original pipeline paths, and some suction hoses or suction heads can be set in the field to absorb the dust on the surface of the equipment with various kinds of suction heads, so as to achieve the purpose of safety and efficiency.

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