Inspection before starting the bag filter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-27      Origin: Site


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1. Check whether the power supply and air source of the dust collector are correctly connected again, turn on the pulse controller and check whether the control line and the solenoid valve are connected according to the digital display sequence, and confirm whether the solenoid valves operate in the correct order. Set up the control loop according to the instructions of the pulsation controller, and the number of solenoid valves should match the output loop of the controller. Adjust the pulse width (ie the injection time of the solenoid valve) pulse interval (ie the injection time interval between adjacent solenoid valves), adjust the pulse width range to 0.03~0.3 seconds, and adjust the pulse interval range to 3~60 seconds. The requirement for the controller is to have an accurate pulse signal output, and the program numbers displayed by the digital tube should have no interference.

2. Observe whether the action of the solenoid valve of the bag filter is sensitive and reliable, whether the switching sound of the movable armature is clear and undisturbed, and whether the injection time and opening degree of each pulse valve are consistent. After the test run, please turn off the power and air supply, close the regulating valve, and do a good job of on-site equipment safety protection.

3. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the driving device (ash discharge mechanism), turn on the power switch of the air shutter, check the operation direction of the air shutter, whether the ash discharge screw runs smoothly, without abnormal noise, and keep its normal operation no less than 0.5 hour.

4. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the fan of the bag filter, close the regulating valve, turn on the power switch of the fan, and check the running direction of the fan.

5. Check whether the process pipeline supports and connections are firm. Open the dust collector to check whether the filter bag is installed firmly and the sealing is good. Turn on the fan to conduct a pipeline operation test to ensure that the pipeline runs without abnormal noise and is well sealed.


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