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Installation of asphalt mixing plant filter bags

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Round Filter Bags


The round fillter bag is the most normal type of filter bag, its main feature is that the tube sheet is round, the filter bag is sealed by the snap band collect with tube sheet.


When installing, pay attention to whether the tube sheet is completely caught in the groove of the filter bag strip, and whether the spring of the filter bag can be rounded by itself. After the filter bag is installed, touch the inner ring of the bag top to check whether there is a bump. Sometimes the rust of the tube sheet will cause the filter bag to not be installed correctly. At this time, the tube sheet needs to be rusted.


Flat Filter Bags

Snap Band Flat Filter Bags , Snap cuff Flat Filter bags , Double snap cuff filter bags. According to the filter bag cage type , there has single bag cage in it , double bag cages in filter bags , three filter bags cgaes in it . And different bag bottom of closed bottom or round bottom .


When installing ,  sanp band filter bag is same as roung filter bags , it need seal with snap band and tube sheet. Snap cuff filter bags need to pay attention that the snap cuff need to collect with tube sheet . At the same time, the matching requirement between the bag cage and filter bag is higher, so the cage head should be able to support the filter bag head tightly so that it can seal with the tube sheet to prevent dust leakage.


After installation , we suggest to check whether the filter bags are vertical from the ash bucket to prevent the filter bags from colliding with each other in the dust colletcor .



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