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PPS needle felt filter bags characteristics

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PPS dust filter bag filter material needle felt material is an excellent high temperature resistant filter material. PPS needle felt filter media has the following characteristics:

1. The continuous working temperature can reach 160℃, and the instantaneous temperature is 190℃.

2. It can be used when the oxygen content is lower than 10% (but the temperature should be controlled in an appropriate range).

3. Excellent hydrolysis resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, PH value range is 1-14.

4. The filtering wind speed can be selected from 1-1.5m/min. Thus, the volume of the equipment can be reduced and the cost of the equipment can be reduced.

PPS fiber has good mechanical and chemical properties, can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments, and achieve an ideal service life, depending on the working conditions, the service life ranges from 2-4 years. In coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators, power plant fly ash, chemical plants and other pulse cleaning dust collectors, PPS needle felt filter bags are ideal filter materials.

technical parameter

Product name: PPS/PPS504

Fiber: 100%PPS

Base fabric: 100%PPS

Square weight: 500g/m2

Thickness: 1.8mm

Density: 0.28g/cm3

Air volume: 130L/dm2.min

Breaking Strength - Longitudinal: ≥800 N/5cm

Breaking Strength - Transverse: ≥1000 N/5cm


Elongation@200N/5cm-lateral: <5%

Heat shrink @150degC, 90min: 1%

Bursting strength: >300 N/cm2

Operating temperature

Continuous working temperature: 160℃

Instantaneous working temperature: 190℃

Post-processing: heat setting, pressing

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