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Points for attention in high temperature filter bag inspection

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What problems should be paid attention to when inspecting high temperature filter bags?

High temperature filter bags should pay special attention to the following points:

1. During the operation of the high-temperature bag dust removal parts, abnormal temperature, pressure, moisture and other problems often occur, which damage the new high-temperature bag vacuum cleaner device.

2. The installation status of the high-temperature  dust filter bag, whether the filter bag is dropped, loosened, or worn after use.

3. After transportation, the emission of the chimney can be visually inspected for judgment. Attention should be paid to whether the condensation condition of the bag chamber exists and whether the ash discharge system is unblocked. Prevent blockage and erosion. When the dust accumulation is serious, it will affect the production of high-temperature bag filter. The adjustment of the cleaning cycle and cleaning time is an important factor affecting the performance and operating conditions of the high-temperature bag filter.

4. Whether the processing air volume and the pressure of each test point are consistent with the design. The rotation direction of the blower, bearing vibration and temperature. Whether the high temperature bag vacuum cleaner is operating normally, directly affects whether it can be put into production line use. Otherwise, the high-temperature bag filter is likely to fail quickly.

5. The running-in period of high-temperature bag filter production should be adjusted carefully. The sharp change of the gas temperature of the dust removal parts will cause the deformation of the blower shaft, causing an unbalanced state, and the operation will cause vibration. When the operation is stopped, the temperature will drop sharply, and vibration will be caused when it is restarted. The dust removal time of the high-temperature bag filter is too long, and the filter bag is leaked and damaged. The distance between the two dust removal times is called the dust removal cycle. Generally, the dust removal cycle is appropriately long, and the performance of the high-temperature bag filter operates under the premise of economic resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the dust concentration of the nature of the dust, and determine the dust removal cycle according to the dust removal cycle, adjust the time, and adjust the dust removal time . 


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