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Pre-coating operating instructions for Dust Filter Bags

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Pre-coating preparation: Before pre-coating operation, the pre-coating powder should be prepared. Generally, powdered hydrated lime [Ca(OH)2] is used to pre-coat the filter bag, and the recommended usage amount is 0.25kg /m2, evenly distributed to each cabin;

Pre-coating operation

Before pre-coating, close the dust removal system (including pulse valve, blow-back valve, electric controller and related devices); open the inlet and outlet valves of each sub-chamber of the dust collector. Open the feeding hole at the flue gas inlet end of the dust collector.

Turn on the main fan, open the valve (or frequency) to the normal production state, and suck the powder used for the pre-coating slowly and evenly through the feeding port;

After the feeding is finished, slowly turn off the main fan to complete the pre-coating of the filter bag.

The pre-coating operation should be carried out before the production process equipment is turned on and when the dust collector fan is idling (no dust-containing flue gas) enters the dust collector.

After the pre-coating is completed, it is not turned on within 24 hours, and the pre-coating needs to be re-coated after turning on again;

When burning oil products (heavy oil, diesel), the flue gas cannot pass through the dust collector, stop burning the oil and change to other fuels and the system is operating normally, then high-temperature flue gas can be introduced into the dust collector, and the dust removal system of the dust collector can be turned on at the same time ,and put into normal operation.

After pre-coating, low-temperature and high-humidity flue gas must not be directly introduced into the dust collector to prevent bag sticking.

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