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Precautions for installing the new ptfe filter bag

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1. The installation and use of dust collector cloth bag must be completed after the installation of dust collector, including heat preservation and anticorrosive operations, and the first thing is to remove the spray pipe before installing and using dust collector cloth bag;

2. In order to avoid damage to the dust collector bag, it is necessary to be extremely cautious at the beginning of installation and use, especially when loading and unloading and storing the dust collector bag, avoid friction or even collision with the sharp objects around, such as screw knives, paper knives and other sharp objects;

3. In view of the location of dust collector bag storage, it is also necessary to be waterproof, moisture proof, avoid sunlight, but also to avoid open fire and strictly prohibit heavy pressure, and before installation and use, it is also necessary to check the dust collector bag carefully to avoid the damaged position;

4. The staff who install and use the cloth bag of precipitator should wear it and clean it. It is strictly prohibited to carry electronic lighters, cigarettes and other articles with them to prevent them from falling into the cloth bag.

5. It is strictly prohibited to stand on the filter bag when installing and using the dust collector cloth bag, avoid stepping on or bearing on the filter bag that has been installed and used, and the joint of all the filter bags must be in the same direction when installing the dust collector, that is, facing away from the air inlet;

6. A spray pipe should be installed on the top of each row of dust collector cloth bag, and each spray pipe is connected with the air box through the steel joint, and the other end of the spray pipe has a fixed end that can be adjusted and connected with the support of the clean air chamber (upper box). The nozzle of the spray pipe should be aligned with the center point of the filter bag;

7. Usually, the dusting bag cage is closely matched with the filter bag. However, if the matching size between the two is too small, the specification of the bag cage or filter bag should be routinely checked, and the bag cage or filter bag with incorrect specification should be scrapped. When the filter bag is installed and used, if a bagging tool is used to protect the filter bag, the spring ring at the mouth of the bag should be flattened by hand so that the contact surface between it and the hole of the flower plate is small and the bayonet of the spring ring is just embedded in the hole of the flower plate. Attention should be paid to the cloth bag of the dust collector: Bag cage after the flower plate installed, it is necessary to do visual routine inspection in the ash bucket, to see whether the bottom of the filter bag is touched to the stainless steel plate near the box, to avoid the use of the process of grinding filter bag;

8. The installation and use of dust collector cloth bag in the construction site are fully illuminated. It is prohibited to store utensils and dirt irrelevant to the installation and use in the construction site. When installing and using, it is best to install and use by two people. One person will dismantle the filter bag lengthwise and send it into the flower plate hole, and the other person will hold and open the filter bag into a roll. Cage frame to the center point, gently into the installation and use to ensure that the vertical;

9. The dust collector bag and bag cage should be stored in the house. After quick cleaning after installation and use, the routine inspection door should be closed.

10, each installation of a filter bag, be sure to routinely check whether the joint joint is sealed, the sealing position is not reasonable, from the ash bucket routine check is not to maintain vertical, such as the bottom of the filter bag collision or not standardized, to make a record immediately in the professional guidance down straight;

11. After the installation and use of the flower board, the canvas should be gradually covered to prevent dirt from falling into the cloth bag. Spray pipe installation and use also need to cover the flower plate with canvas, to avoid damaging the filter bag mouth;

12, dust filter bag installation and use should pay great attention to: spray pipe hole, venturi nozzle, filter bag frame, dust collector cloth bag, flower plate five parts to maintain the same center point, its error is less than 2 mm.

The installation of dust collector bag must strictly abide by the rules and order of the site, and must maintain good communication with the dust collector bag manufacturer.

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