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Principles and precautions for the selection of dust filter bags

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When selecting the dust filter bag, the appropriate filter material is generally selected to be the dust filter bag according to the nature of the dust-containing gas, the nature of the dust and the different cleaning methods of the dust collector.

1. The performance of the filter material of the dust removal bag should meet the general conditions and requirements of the production conditions and the dust removal process.

2. Under the above premise, the dust removal bag that is most suitable for the working conditions should be selected as much as possible, because the long service life can not only save the operating cost, but also meet the requirements of long-term gas emission standards.

3. When selecting the dust filter bag, a comprehensive comparison of the sorting of various filter materials should be carried out. A so-called "good" filter material should not be used to adapt to various working conditions, but the most suitable filter material should be selected to prolong the service life.

4. In the gas properties, dust properties and cleaning methods, the main influencing factors should be selected to select the filter material, such as high temperature, dust shape, flammable and explosive, humidity, acid and alkali, oxygen content, emission requirements, etc.

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