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Protective storage measures for high temperature dust filter bags

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Protective storage measures for high temperature bags of dust collectors

1. Cover the opening

The collector will be transported to the jobsite or factory with all openings fully sealed and fastened together as closely as possible. Usually, the opening will be covered with plywood, plastic. If the dust collector needs to be moved, make sure all of these covers should remain intact.

When storing equipment, block or cover any unprotected openings to prevent rain, snow, and other moisture from entering the interior of the collector. This can be done with plastic wrap, a plastic stopper, or a wooden lid, depending on the size of the opening.

2. Store the device in a controlled environment

If possible, dust collector housings, auxiliary parts and accessories should be stored indoors in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. For prolonged storage (more than one month), place desiccant inside any electrical enclosure to prevent humid air from damaging electronic components.

If sufficient indoor storage space is not available, dust collector components, filter bags, bag cages, etc. should be stored indoors or in a dry fully enclosed trailer or shed. The dust collector housing and larger components can be stored outdoors in a protective shed or supported on a shelf and covered with a tarpaulin.

3. Other painted brackets should also be protected

Structural steel supports, frame steel, handrails and platform sections will be shipped as separate parts as described in the unit bill of materials. All steel will be painted as specified in the contract. Paint will provide adequate surface protection for a period of time.

As a general rule, all equipment is finished painted so it is resistant to metal corrosion. However, materials such as support steel are often stored on the sides and rain/snow/dirt may collect on horizontal surfaces. These accelerate potential corrosion, especially because of the prolonged contact time between the surface and moisture.

If long-term storage is required, support and access steel should be carefully stored and protected, especially during seasonal changes or severe inclement weather.

4. Remember to check regularly

All equipment stored outdoors should be inspected regularly to monitor the integrity of the equipment and the condition of painted surfaces. Any cracks in the covering should be repaired immediately.

Any areas on dust collectors, auxiliary equipment, or supporting steel members that collect water or debris should be braced to reduce the likelihood of future problems. These areas can be supported with wood, other steel members, etc. Like a camping tent, there are poles or beams fastened to a center to prevent rain from running off the top where it might eventually leak inside.

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