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Quality Inspection requirements for high temperature filter bags

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1. Thickness: Thickness is an important physical system performance of high temperature filter bags, which has a great influence on the air permeability and wear resistance of filter materials.

2. Density: Density is expressed by the number of yarns per unit distance, that is, the number of trees (2.54cm) or between 5cm in latitude and longitude, the density of non-woven fabrics is calculated by multiplying the bulk density by the weight of the filter material per unit area by the thickness (grams). per square meter).

3. Quality: generally called gram weight, which refers to the weight of the dust collector per square meter of dust removal material. Since the quality and structure of the material are directly reflected in its quality, the quality has become an indicator that determines the performance of the dust bag and an important factor that determines the price of the dust bag.

4. Breathability. As the emission requirements are becoming more and more stringent, and the customer requires the emission of less than 10mg, our company will cover the bags, mix ultra-fine fabrics or seal pinholes and other measures. The air permeability of this batch of filter media is tested before leaving the factory.

5. Fire resistance: Fire resistance is an important technical indicator in the actual use and management of dust bags. The combustion of bag filter mainly includes the development process of polymer melt oxidation and cracking. According to the cultural characteristics of polymers, they can be divided into flammable, combustible, non-flammable and non-flammable. Non-combustible and non-combustible filter media improve the operation of dust collection systems.

6. Temperature and heat resistance: Moisture and heat resistance refers to an important factor in choosing a dust bag beach material. When using the bag filter material, not only the temperature resistance of the filter material in the dust bag, that is, the long-term recovery of the dust bag and possible short-term high temperature and high humidity, but also the heat resistance of the dust bag, that is, the filter material is dry, dry, and high humidity. Resistance to heat, humidity and heat.

High temperature filter bag damage refers to local damage caused by continuous filtration, backwashing, expansion, shrinkage or corrosion of other prefabricated components and the relative velocity of the high-speed flue gas cyclone. Vacuum cleaner bag ablation is caused by abnormally high or high temperatures in the dust. The temperature is higher than the allowable temperature of the filter material, resulting in damage or even damage to the high-temperature filter material. The corrosion of high temperature filter bags is an exothermic reaction of the filter material caused by harmful components in the soot, resulting in the degradation and failure of the physical properties of the filter material. The corrosion of the high temperature filter bag mainly occurs when the flue gas composition exceeds the standard load, which can be divided into vapor corrosion and liquid corrosion, and the harmful substances in the liquid are more likely to damage the high temperature filter bag.

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