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Reasons for premature failure of dust filter bags

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Reasons for premature failure of dust filter bags

1. Design issues

A common problem with dust filter bag designs is that they are designed to be too small for their intended use. If the dust chamber is undersized, it may cause too much air to pass through the filter. Imagine holding a vacuum cleaner trying to remove a large pile of dust. The filter in the vacuum can clog, causing the filter to fail.

Another design issue when the equipment is properly sized is that the volume of the sewerage system is not sufficient for the application. An improperly designed blowdown system may allow air to flow back into the hopper. Air returning to the funnel can cause dust to flow back, which can cause the bag to wear out.

Air intake design is critical for evenly distributing airflow. If the air intake of the dust collector is poorly designed, the airflow can cause accumulation in the dust chamber area. The buildup will add a lot of dust and make it stick to the filter bag. Dust buildup on the bag will cause the bag to need to be replaced.

2. Operational problems

During the operation of the dust chamber, the operating temperature should be considered. If the temperature reaches a high enough level, the dust bag may begin to degrade due to the heat.

The wrong cleaning cycle is usually the fault of the filter bag. Filter bags are made of fabric, and like most fabrics, the more you clean, the more they wear out. Think about washing a pair of jeans frequently. You may need to buy a pair sooner than expected.

Sometimes the buildup on the filter bag is related to humidity. If oil or moisture gets into the dust chamber, they will cause dust to build up on the filter. Moisture-generated dust cannot be removed from the bag, which means the only solution is to replace the bag.

3. Installation problems

Stepping on the bag while working may cause the snap-on seal to come off. A loose seal would cause the bag to fail when pulsed. This is actually quite common.

Another common installation problem occurs when the blowpipe is not properly aligned. If the pipe is turned slightly, the pulse holes will not line up over the filter bag. Once the pulse sequence begins, the air will hit and wear the bag at an angle.

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