Reasons for the bag-up of the pulse bag filter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-22      Origin: Site


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(1) The dust cleaning time of the pulse bag filter is short, and the cleaning cycle is too long. The dust on the dust bag cannot be cleaned, and the dust collector is turned into the filtering state, which will quickly increase the operating resistance. For the pulse bag filter, the time used in the cleaning process (that is, the time of the pulse valve blowing) is the cleaning time, which can be adjusted within the range of 0.05 to 0.5s. The time between two cleanings is the cleaning cycle, generally 0 to 30 minutes. Adjust the cleaning system of the pulse bag filter, appropriately prolong the cleaning time, increase the amount of compressed air and induced air injected into the filter bag; at the same time, shorten the cleaning cycle or even adopt the continuous cleaning method, which can make the cleaning of the filter bag more efficient. In order to effectively reduce the running resistance.

(2) When the pulse bag filter treats high-temperature and high-humidity gas, if the gas temperature is lower than the dew point during operation, the water vapor will condense and dew, which will make the filter bag damp, and a large amount of dust will adhere to the surface of the filter bag and block the filter bag. The pores of the filter bag, and the compressed air cannot be injected, causing the filter bag to stick to the bag. The dust-cleaning function of the dust collector that produces the sticky bag fails, the resistance is too large, and the operating condition deteriorates. To prevent the pulse bag filter from condensing and sticking to the bag, keep the temperature of the processing gas 25-35 °C higher than its dew point. When the dust collector is used to process high temperature and high humidity gas, a temperature detection and alarm device should be installed at the entrance for monitoring, and thermal insulation materials such as rock wool should be installed outside the shell for heat preservation. Before the dust removal system stops running, completely discharge the wet gas in the dust collector and replace it with dry air to prevent dew condensation. Also, after the production equipment stops running, the dust removal fan should run for a period of time before shutting down.

(3) The pulse bag filter usually works under negative pressure. If the equipment leaks, it will suck in a lot of outside air and rainwater, which will make the dust bag damp and harden, and increase the running resistance. Therefore, the dust collector is required to be strictly sealed, and the air leakage rate is less than 3%. In the process of equipment installation, welding quality is very important. All welding shall be carried out in accordance with the corresponding specifications and standards. After welding, kerosene, phosphor powder, etc. shall be used for leakage inspection, and the air leakage shall be re-welded. The inspection door of the dust collector is sealed with a rubber strip, and is checked and replaced frequently. Carefully check each discharger and flange, and do a good job of sealing. Reducing the air leakage of the dust collector can effectively protect the filter bag from the occurrence of bag sticking, and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment under low resistance.

(4) The pulse bag filter generally uses compressed air to blow and clean the dust. The compressed air contains a lot of oil, water and impurities. If it is directly sprayed into the filter bag without purification, it will cause the dust bag to be polluted and damp, resulting in condensation. . If the dust collector is dealing with high-temperature and high-humidity gas, once the cold compressed air is injected, if the cold and heat meet the dew point temperature, condensation will occur on the surface of the filter bag, and a large amount of dust will be adhered to cause hardening. In order to avoid the impurity of the compressed air causing the paste bag to harden, _ formulate and implement a working system, insist on opening the air storage tank, the air source triplet, and the blowdown valve of the pulse valve air distribution bag every day to remove oil and water contamination. A freeze dryer and heater can be installed before the pulse valve air distribution bag, so that the compressed air is further dehydrated and heated, and then sprayed into the filter bag for cleaning.


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